Since the first cryptocurrency hit the market, the idea of using a Blockchain to maintain a public ledger of all transactions has been adopted for various purposes. Bastonet is a company that is trying to do the same. They want to apply the blockchain technology to improve the airline and travel industries. The idea is to use the Blockchain to remove redundancy in the data and use real time encrypted information transfers to enhance the overall stakeholder experience.

The travel industry uses a lot of data which is transferred between many different entities. The potential for this data to be corrupted is far too great and often results in loss of revenue because of errors and redundancies. Using the blockchain would ensure that this data is transferred without any errors or mistakes while keeping it secure.

About Bastonet

Here is some basic information about Bastonet:

  • Launched in September 2017
  • Official Website:
  • Social Accounts
    • Twitter:
    • BitCoinTalk:

Bastonet Investment Plans

There is currently no investment plan available for Bastonet. Essentially, they want you to purchase their tokens, known as BSN, on, one of the best cryptocurrency exchange markets in the world. They would like to use their funding to drastically change the transactions related to airlines and the transportation industries.

Bastonet Benefits

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many benefits when investing into a token company. Nonetheless, here are some good reasons to try Bastonet:

  • Low Price on the Exchange Market
  • Revolutionary Idea
  • Potential to Replace Airmiles
  • Identity Validation Through Blockchain
  • Secure Transactions

How To Reach Out

Unfortunately, there is only one way to reach out to the founders of Bastonet, and it’s through email. You could also attempt to contact them on their official Twitter page.

Bastonet Conclusion

Due to the limited information offered by the inventors of Bastonet, it is difficult to decide whether investing into it is a good idea. Yes, using the blockchain to revolutionize the travel industry could be potentially the most profitable decision in someone’s life, but we wish that there was some more information about Bastonet and what they are planning on doing in the future.

The good news is that currently the tokens are somewhat inexpensive and purchasing a few of them shouldn’t break your wallet at all. Our advice is to give is a shot if you’re interested, but be careful as it is not clear whether or not it will take off.

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