Are you prepared to invest in the blockchain market and get a great return on investment? The market is booming right now and you have many opportunities to make a lot of money. The only thing that you have to do is to invest well, something that you can only do when you are well informed about the market.

Our blog intends to become a great resource that you can use to become a better investor, so we review many companies and investments that are popular on the market right now. Today we are going to review a company called BCASH Games.

What Is BCASH Games?

Bcash is a new cryptocurrency start-up company that is planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) right now. The objective of the company is to create a decentralized ecosystem in which the casino and gaming industry can interact with its products. The API of the company will be open source, so third-party developers will be able to create apps for it.

The company believes that the casino industry is a multi-billion dollar market and it is creating an environment in which the players can use BCASH tokens to play with more security and bet without having the risk of being scammed. Bcash believes that security is one of the most important features that players want when they gamble online and that the industry is currently lacking that a lot.

How Does Bcash Work?

Bcash will develop two things, a platform for gambling and a lending platform in which you lend your money to Bcash and you receive this money back with a return on investment after some days.

The gambling platform is very common. You will probably not find anything that you will not find anywhere else. In the case of the lending platform, you have to lend a certain quantity of money ($300 USD, for instance) and you receive a certain percentage over your money when you receive it back. The general waiting time is 190 days.

You can use both of the features of the company or only one of them. They are not necessarily linked.

The BCASH coins will be minable (block time: 120 seconds; block reward: 10 BCASH, decreasing by 10% of this number every year) and secure and fast to use. The total supply of coins will be 32,000,000 BCASH tokens.

How To Invest In BCASH Games?

To invest in Bcash, you will have to participate in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company has organized and buy the BCASH tokens. The ICO is already happening right now and it will last until the beginning of February, so you still have time to invest in this company, but so much time that you can wait for very long.

At the time of this report, you can buy 1 BCASH with 1 USD, but this price will only last until January 25. After that, you have to pay 1.25 USD to acquire a single BCASH token. The prices will rise to 4 USD for a single token right at the end of the sale in February. This means that it would be better to invest as soon as you can in this company to get more profit from this company when you use its BCASH tokens.

You will be able to use both Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy the tokens. If you only have another type of cryptocurrency available, you will have to trade it first before you can invest.

The BCASH Games ICO Conclusion

Is BCASH Games company a good investment for you? It does not look like it is. The site of the company looks somewhat shady and not very well explained. Bcash does not seem like a company in which you could really trust, so maybe it would not be the best choice for you right now.

If you did like the company, we would not necessarily advise you against investing in it, but you should be advised that there are many other interesting companies out there and that they can also be very interesting investments for you.

If you want to look at other options, you can always browse our blog for more offers. Good luck in your investments.

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