BCash, found online at Becash.org, is a new crypto project unrelated to Bitcoin Cash. Find out everything you need to know about the project today in our review.

What Is BCash?

BCash is a cryptocurrency project listed under the symbol BCS. The project has nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash – a currency that some people have chosen to call “BCash”. It’s a totally different project by a totally different set of developers.

Right now, there’s limited information about the project available online. The official BeCash.org website recently appeared online, although it’s a single page with virtually no information about the project. The page has links to a bitcoin wallet and some social media profiles, but there’s no technical information about the project or its goals.

The only real “clue” is that the website mentions an update on January 1, 2018. We should know more about BCash after that date.

How Does BCash Work?

We have no information about how BCash works or what the project plans to achieve. We don’t know if it’s a bitcoin hard fork. We don’t know if it’s an ERC20 token. We don’t know if it’s built on some other blockchain or a totally new blockchain.

The BeCash.org website has no whitepaper and no further information about the project listed. The development team’s Twitter, meanwhile, has posted statements like “BTC -> BCH -> BCS”. That suggests that the company sees itself as a successor to bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It also suggests that BCash will be a hard fork.

Alternatively, BCash could be a ploy by Bitcoin Cash developers like Roger Ver, who have grown increasingly angry at the use of terms like “BCash” to describe their project Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash sees itself as the true version of bitcoin, so removing the word “bitcoin” from the name defeats the point of the project.

Bitcoin Cash is BCH, while BCash is BCS. I’m not saying the project is led by Roger Ver and the Bitcoin Cash founding team, but it could be created by a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users who want to discourage use of the BCS term.

BCash Conclusion

Ultimately, BCash appears to be a hard fork in development. As of now, we don’t have any information about the project or how it works. There’s no whitepaper and no information posted online at BeCash.org or on the official Twitter page.

The website has scheduled an update for January 1, 2018, so we’ll know more about the project after that date. Stay tuned for more information about BCash as we move forward.

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