What Is BCDiploma?

BCDiploma is a new company that issues authentic and legal diplomas to students, or professionals. Due to globalization and the rise of the internet, the rate of falsified diplomas and forgeries are increasing. This crisis is further fueled by not having a global consensus on a standardized diploma. BCDiploma offers to provide those diplomas in a safe and secure manner.

Vision Of BCDiploma

BCDiploma wants to minimize the use of fake diplomas worldwide. They want to create a trusted environment between diploma holders and the rest of the world. BCDiploma will achieve this by building an App that will issue, manage and store all the diplomas.

How BCDiploma Works

A validator will guarantee a school’s identity and its Ethereum address. Once the school’s identity and Ethereum address are authenticated, the school will enter all its diploma data on its servers. The cryptographic protocol will generate three keys that guarantee data security. The BCDiploma App will generate the diploma’s URL. This will allow access to certified data within a single click. Using this URL, students may show-off their diploma in their social media, paste the diploma in their CVs, or simply print the diploma and hang it in their office or home.

BCDiploma Token Sale Details

The token to be sold is aptly named, the BCDT Token. It will be used as a utility voucher in the BCD ecosystem. It will be used to pay certified data issuance or proprietary certificate through BCD smart contracts. For every certified data issuance, the BCD smart contract will automatically burn a percentage of BCDT Tokens.

There will be three stages in this token sale. The first stage is the Pre-sale token stage. The pre-sale will start on December, 21st 2017. Buyers will get 20% bonus tokens on any amount of BCDT Tokens purchased in this round. The next stage, the first round will give buyers a 10% bonus tokens on their purchase of BCDT Tokens. Then, at the second and final round, buyers will not get any potential bonuses. The issuance of all bonuses will end when the Softcap is reached. The Softcap for this ICO is set at $1.5M US. The Hardcap is $6M US.

Strategy Of BCDiploma

If the ICO sale succeeds, in 2018, BCDiploma will launch their own Application. They will offer it to the education and recruiting market’s leaders, primarily in Europe. BCDiploma’s goal for the first year is to gain a worldwide legitimacy in the certification department.

In 2019, BCDiploma will launch a marketing campaign to gain the diploma certification market in Europe, North America, and BRICS member countries. They also plan to take control of the skills certification, professional certification, and professional register’s market in Europe.

By 2020, BCDiploma plans to enter the massive, global market of administrative registers.

Funds Allocation Of BCDiploma

The distribution of funds are as follows:

  • 35% of the funds will go to BCDiploma’s Application development;
  • 30% of the revenues generated will go to marketing their products and services and further developing its business;
  • 15% of the revenue will be used as incentives. This will encourage more people to use BCDiploma and therefore increase its value;
  • 10% of the funds will be kept as long term savings or reserve to tackle unforeseen circumstances;
  • 5% will be used to cover ITS expenses. Such as ITS advisor’s bounties, worker’s bounties, Legal etc.
  • 5% will be used to cover BCDiploma’s general expenses.

BCDiploma Conclusion

With the amount of fake diploma certificates being so high, Universities are surely looking for some way to authenticate and validate their diplomas. No other diploma certification business is doing this in such a large scale as BCDiploma. It will probably be able to succeed in its goal to become the leading certification agency in the world.

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