What Is BCharity?

BCharity is a charity exchange. The platform has been designed to increase the efficiency and accessibility of charity globally. The platform will unite those who participate in charities including the charitable organizations and the individuals who provide help to those who need it.

How BCharity International Blockchain Charity Exchange Coin Works

The platform uses blockchain technology and directly decentralizes the charity sphere. This will lead to transparency and trust in charity ecosystem. Blockchain allows those in need of charity to instantly receive financial help whenever it is needed with no need for intermediaries. The use of blockchain technology will not need to remove payment anonymity or donation history.

The use of cryptocurrency ensures that the currency used is not related to banks, governments or other financial institutions. The fact that no intermediaries are involved means that a user of the platform can transfer and withdraw the money with no fear of the currency being held. The transfer of the funds will be done with minimum fees providing instant need to those who need the funds. The use of smart contracts will further lead to a shift in the way things are done in the charity field. Smart contracts will change the traditional methods of regulation in the charity field.

The BCharity platform is a global platform that will provide an opportunity for those in need of donations to highlight their plight to charitable organizations and foundations around the world. Individuals and organizations in need of charity will no longer rely on traditional methods to share their story or connect with funds. The BCharity framework will provide a global network of philanthropists and organizations and will use the newest asset class to ensure effectiveness in the provision of donations. This will accelerate the fundraising process and increase chances of the provision of funds to those who need them. Additionally, the platform will ensure that only the officially registered organizations and those verified according to the provided documents will access the platform for financial assistance and donations.

BCharity Translate

BCharity also provides a service called BCharity translate that will translate text to English for organizations in need of global exposure on the exchange but can only communicate in their native language. This service will reward the individuals who take their time and translate other languages to English.

The platform will encourage those who know different languages to help raise funds for those in need. It also provides individuals that might not have money to donate to a platform to help those in need by translating their requests into a language that can be understood by many philanthropists.

The details of the person who performs the translation will be provided, and a rating system will be introduced in the platform. Rating will be provided to the translators based on the quality of their work. The translators who offer quality work and are ranked the best will get income for their work on the platform.

BCharity CHAR ICO Details

The BCharity token known as CHAR is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token and will be sold to the public during the ICO. It will be used as a utility token and can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Classic, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple.

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