With the amount of innovation currently taking place in the crypto world, it is not unusual to see new currencies being released to the public on a near weekly basis. BDX is an all new crypto platform that has been developed by BDSwiss, and is part of the BDSwiss ecosystem.

BDSwiss is one of the Europe's largest and most prominent “financial service companies” offering customers with scalable technology solutions to aid in better business management.

What Is BDXCoin?

The company is about to start issuing an all new cryptocurrency called BDXCoin — which will be among one of the first digital tokens to be fully usable for various real world applications. It should also be noted that investors will be given a buyback option from the issuer, thereby allowing for more financial security for all participants.

BDXCoin BDSwiss Financial Market Cryptocurrency Features

After the issuance of BDX Coins, customers will be able to make full use of their utility, and will be able to indulge in activities such as

Forex Trading:

Through the use of native BDX coins, users will be able to buy CFD products such as:

Daily Usability:

Customers will be able to avail of a BDSwiss debit card that can be used to buy literally anything. This includes daily grocery items, to other larger purchases such as cars, real estate.


One of the core benefits of using BDX is its ability to make sending and receiving of money extremely simple and streamlined. All of the monetary trades are reflected immediately within one’s digital wallet, and there are no hidden fees or charges applied on any transaction.


Though the use of an innovative API, the BDX platform can be used for the development, incorporation of various apps and protocols.

BDXCoin Key Aspects


Since BDSwiss is already one of the leading digital innovators within the European market, BDXCoins can be used to trade for a wide range of BDSwiss products.

Low Financial Risk:

As mentioned earlier, the company is offering users with a full buyback guarantee. This literally means that there is no long term risk involved with making an investment into this venture.

Asset Backing:

After looking at market data, it can been seen that BDX Coin is one of the world's first cryptocurrencies that is backed by real company assets.

BDXCoin BDX ICO Details

BDX Coins will be used to facilitate all internal transactions within the BDSwiss ecosystem. The presale is currently underway, and is in its 3th stage of progress. The price per token currently stands at 15 cents

  • Phase 4: this sale period will end on the 31s March 2018. The price per token will be maintained at 17 cents
  • Phase 5: this sale period will end when the ICO starts. The price per token will be maintained at 20 cents.

The ICO is scheduled to start some time in the second quarter of 2018. In all, there will be a total of 5,000,000,000 BDXCoins that will be up for grabs.

Also, as mentioned in a previous section, investors will have the ability to make use of a buyback scheme to sell their DBXCoins to the issuer at a standard rate of € 0.10. All of the funds will be delivered in the form of digital currencies and not EUR or Dollars.

Conversions are fairly straightforward and can be done via websites such as GDAX.

For any further details pertaining to the BDX platform, users can get in touch with company personnel by filling out the “contact us” form.

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