What Is Beatrix?

Beatrix is a platform that wants to change the future. At the heart of this project is a new and revolutionary method of generating electricity. It has the potential to bring about structural change to significant barriers of growth in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Defining The Problem Beatrix Seeks To Solve

This platform was created with access to electricity in mind. Every village individual and local economy should have the power to help it grow. However, electricity is more than an economic provision. It is also a humanitarian one.

For most in rural Africa, electricity is not about running a TV or the refrigerator. Rather, it is about offering heat and light from a source that does not fill the home with nasty fumes. Besides that, power can be used to charge cell phones. These cell phones are used to receive important calls, make payments, and even get important news.

Providing cell phones and power will mean healthier families, educated kids, and a chance for financial inclusion. Beatrix decided that it would not go the route of centralization. Instead, it would make it possible to generate power in a decentralized manner. This is practical since many rural areas in African do not have the infrastructure to connect to the grid. This project presents a real chance to demonstrate to the world how impactful small-scale DETDs can be.

With green and sustainable power from the buoyancy tech and the Decentralized Electricity and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) eco-system, it will boost connection to power. Besides that, it will promote mobile network coverage to a level that might have taken decades in some cases.

How Beatrix Blockchain Energy And Telecommunications Works

The Beatrix buoyancy tech has already been implemented into its Energy Towers. This tech exceeds the efficiency of wind and solar power by far. It makes this energy source much cheaper than anything that exists in the market of sub-Sahara. DETD will rely on a system of Energy towers. This will be a biogas plant and a telecom pole that will supply power and mobile coverage. To achieve this, they will utilize microgrids, different from the centralized distribution model.

Another highlight of this technology is the blockchain service and trading platform called RPM and the utility token Rix. This is the only form of payment for power and telecom services in the prepaid top-up system. Investors, consumers, and traders of Rix will meet on the platform to purchase power or trade the tokens.

The main feature of Rix is an upfront charge of 5KWh. This reinforces the high expectations in terms of positive price growth. The project also plans to co-operate with a local NGO to drill five water wells for every MW plant. Thus, it wants to ensure its slogan of being “the first social ICO” becomes a reality.

Beatrix RIX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: RIX
  • Private Sale: July 1, 2018 – July 11, 2018
  • Pre ICO: July 18, 2018 – August 28, 2018
  • ICO Main Sale: October 12, 2018 – November 12, 2018
  • Price: 100 RīX = US $ 2,50
  • HARD CAP: 12,500,000
  • Accepted: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR
  • ICO Location: Germany

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