Getting into a promising investment opportunity is always on our mind. It is all in the name of securing our future, and probably working less but making more money than before. Does this sound like where you might be in your financial growth?

Well, if this is the case you have come to the right place as we focus on identifying the best investment opportunities that are able to offer just that to our readers. BeautiQ is one of those investment opportunities that we have found to be very intriguing, read on to find out why this might just be the investment you have been looking for.

What Is BeautiQ?

We are always looking for new ways we are able to expand our financial horizon, an aspect that this company fully understands. The company is a Bulgarian startup that was created by a group of experts in the supply chain and e-commerce industry. Each is having more than 15 years’ practical experience in various markets such as Europe, Ukraine, and the Russian market.

BeautiQ was created to develop a one-stop solution for its users. A one-stop solution that is able to incorporate various aspects of fulfillment, marketing, FMCG products, delivery customer service from Eastern and Central Europe and within China.

BeautiQ Business Model

The company also has a robust business model that has been based on the managerial experience that is backed by the team. It is integrating the needed resources that are available in the market on a daily basis. From the operation resources, sales channels, to even marketing services, all this is to ensure the objectives of the project are fulfilled.

The company offers a provision of solutions that have been driven in selling and promoting your goods; this is in the Eastern and Central manufactures through the Chinese market. On the B2B level, the company focuses on proper networking and business consulting; this is for the CEE manufacturers who are looking to get into the Chinese e-commerce.

BeautiQ Marketing Strategies

Different marketing strategies are applied depending on the level of the transaction. As each level needs its own unique attention for optimal success.

In the B2C level, the marketing approach in this section is based on the tools that are on the search engines, JD platform, trustworthiness and the brand awareness. Not forgetting the image of the particular brand on the various social media platforms in China, that is WeChat or Weibo.

On the B2B strategy will be a little different as it will include both offline and online PR, participation in various events, SEM and SEO.

BeatiQ BTQ ICO Details

With the above information, we are sure the next thing popping into your head is how you can be part of this diverse and growing organization. How can you buy a token of the BTQ? Well, it is very simple.

The company accepts only waves for their ICO, which is going on right now, so you just send waves to the company address then fill in the investor form. When filling in the form ensure to specify your waves ID and the particular address of the wallet you used for payments, just to make tracking much easier. Then just give it a few hours and your tokens will arrive in your wallet.

Our Take On BeautiQ

BeautiQ is offering a very distinct service as compared to other investment opportunities that are available. With its team of experts who have been backed with years of experience, we feel your funds and business growth could not be in any better hands.

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