Are you ready to know everything about a new cryptocurrency which has been pretty popular in the market lately? Today we will review a new coin called BeeCash.

What Is BeeCash?

BeeCash is a new cryptocurrency which was created especially for making online payments while being secure and have your identity protected. This cryptocurrency is based on the Litecoin blockchain and it makes fast transactions for people who want to buy goods or to pay for services online.

The goal of the company is the creation of a sustainable cryptocurrency which will be able to survive in the cryptocurrency market and carve its place as an important asset in the future. Also, BeeCash has a lending system which can be used for the people who already own tokens of the company to get an interest rate for lending the money to the company, which will invest it and give a return back to the lenders.

How BeeCash Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Ponzi Scheme Work

BeeCash is a Litecoin-based cryptocurrency which uses the Scrypt platform to work. The max supply of tokens is 26,000,000 tokens. Not all them exist right now, as the tokens will be mineable in the near future.

As this cryptocurrency is very concerned with safety, it has protocols to encrypt all of its transactions and enable the users to feel safer from hackers and other menaces. BeeCash might not be as anonymous as Monero, for instance, but it has at least the level of anonymity of Bitcoin, so you can be sure that your anonymity will be protected if you use this cryptocurrency.

BeeCash intends to launch apps for Android and iOS that will serve to use the cryptocurrency to pay for goods. This way, it will no longer be necessary to use cash to pay for anything online. You can always use BeeCash.

Finally, BeeCash also has a lending platform. This platform was created for the owners of the cryptocurrency to lend an amount of money and receive the value back plus an interest rate later. The money is lent to the company, which uses its financial experts to apply it well and get a good return on investment for this.

You will generally receive an interest rate of 45% monthly plus a daily rate if you lend more than $1000 to the company. You can withdraw the money after 200 to 90 days depending on how much money you have lent (the more, the sooner you can withdraw it).

BeeCash BEH ICO Details

Unfortunately, the BeeCash Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was finished in January. Because of this, you have already lost your chance to buy the tokens from this company at the best price available. What you can still do is to buy the tokens from exchanges. You will have to pay market prices for the tokens, but you will be able to acquire them on Coinex and Yobit.

The tokens were sold by $0.60 USD and the company intends to raise the price of the tokens to $300 USD until the end of 2019.

BeeCash Verdict

Is this company a good choice for you? BeeCash certainly cannot be called the most original cryptocurrency ever, but it does have its positive points. It seems structured enough and there are no huge red flags on the company’s site, which is always a good first sign for you to watch out for.

On the other hand, BeeCash is just like many other not so successful cryptocurrencies in the market, so why should you trust that this one will be any better? It surely does not look like something that might catch your attention because of its innovations. Also, the ICO has already ended, so you lost our chance of investing when you did not need to pay very much per token.

Should you invest in BeeCash? Only you can be 100% of that. This does not look like an awful choice, but it does not look like a great one either. Because of this, if you are still interested in finding a better cryptocurrency to invest, you can always look up on our blog to see if you find something that interests you.

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