Initial coin offerings have become a highly popular method of gathering launch capital. Disruptive startups are now using initial coin offerings to offer investors the opportunity to get in on early token crowdsales and potentially generate a significant profit when the project platform or product goes live.

The latter half is 2017, however, has seen initial coin offerings used to launch a range of different platforms that aren't strictly based in the blockchain ecosystem. Recent economic sanctions placed on Russia by the EU has led to a small-scale agricultural renaissance in the country which, combined with the forward-leaning attitude toward crypto currency in the country, has led to a unique fusion between agriculture and cryptocurrency.

A good example of this is the MilkCoin ICO, which offers investors the opportunity to purchase tokens in a dairy business based in Russia, earning dividends from their token share. A new Russian agricultural initial coin offering is presenting investors with a similar opportunity, and focuses on the creation of organic beef production.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the BeefCoin platform and find out what it offers investors to help you determine whether this is an initial coin offering worth investing in.

What is BeefCoin?

BeefCoin is a joint venture between two businesses based in Russia that aims to use an initial coin offering to launch a new organic beef business. Melbard LLC, a Moscow-based private company that owns and operates an agricultural farm in the Penza region of Russia is partnering with Meat Desire, a restaurant chain based in Moscow that offers organic beef products.

The BeefCoin project wants to eliminate the intensive technologies used in beef farming and beef production by establishing an integrated structure from field to restaurant, offering completely organic beef.

BeefCoin, unlike most ICOs on the market today, benefits from an already-established business infrastructure. Meat Desire, the restaurant chain through which the project aims to distribute organic beef products, already boasts two operational restaurants in Moscow, and also offers a butcher shop that makes organic beef products available for sale.

The Melbard LLC agricultural farm that will deliver beef products to the Meat Desire restaurants boasts 500 cows of the Aberdeen-Angus breed, and is built on 1,000 hectares of land with complete meat processing facility.

BeefCoin wants to use the funds generated in the BeefCoin ICO to open six new restaurants in Moscow, as well as expand the existing agricultural farm owned by Melbard LLC.

The BeefCoin ICO

The BeefCoin ICO will launch on the 1st of January 2018, and will make 4,000,000 Ethereum & Waves based tokens available for purchase. Unpurchased tokens at the end of the ICO will be added to a reserve of BEEF tokens that will be distributed amongst BEEF token holders at the end of each year.

To provide investors with ROI on their token purchases, BeefCoin will buy back 10% of all BEEF tokens at the end of each fiscal year at a rate not lower than market value. Additionally, BeefCoin will provide ICO investors with bonus tokens- BeefGold- which provide holders with a share in 20% of the net profit generated by the BeefCoin venture. In week 1 of the ICO, investors will be provided with BeefGold tokens at a 100% rate, which will lower to 75% in week 2, 50% in week 3, and 25% in week 4. Each BEEF token will be priced at $1 USD.

The BeefCoin Verdict

The BeefCoin platform offers investors an extremely straightforward opportunity to invest in a well-structured business that is already in operation. If you’re looking for a concrete ICO to invest in that delivers a stable ROI, BeefCoin is definitely worth consideration.

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