BeFirst Review: Legit Initial Coin Offering Business Services To Use?

Using BeFirst To Launch Your ICO

BeFirst started as a dream between its partners. At first, all they wanted was to find a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. As such, they started their search for advisors, marketers, and programmers who would help them launch a high-level ICO without encountering any unnecessary and unwanted errors.

In the process of doing so, they realized that it was much harder for them to achieve this goal than they had earlier on imagined. They, therefore, decided to become the best versions of themselves.

Current market statistics indicate that the ICO sphere is filled with all types of scammers. Based on the calculations carried out by the BeFirst team, close to eighty-four percent of all ICO offers currently available are fake. There, therefore, need one to remain vigilant at all times to avoid falling prey to these scammers.

The BeFirst Team

Daniel Kim

He has been working in the marketing and sales industry for more than ten years. He is well-versed with the Asian and South Korean regions. He is also the co-founder of the Chain Box Company.

Ali Kassab

He is an entrepreneur and businessman with more than twenty years’ experience dealing with multinational digital payment and cloud computing companies. He is a known tech enthusiast and innovator.

Dr. David Meszaros

He is an international lawyer and well-known advisor for many ICO projects and international companies.

Mofassair Hossain

He is one of the leading experts at ICO bench. He is also the founder and CEO of Perhalic. Additionally, he also acts as an advisor and investor in more than 18 ICO projects.

Giovanni Casagrande

He is an ICO advisor and top 30 expert. He is also a growth hacker and one of the pioneers of the blockchain industry.

Why BeFirst?

The BeFirst team has raised security to a whole new level. It provides you with improved security through the use of their upstarting business practices. The team also brings on board a wealth of experience having worked with numerous ICO projects in the past.

It only cooperates with marketing platforms that have already been tried, tested, and proven. In the process, the team also works out all the technical aspects pertaining to your project. When conducting your ICO with the BeFirst team, you can rest assured that the team will maintain confidentiality, and also put in place security measures to safeguard the integrity of your project.

You do not have to worry about the project, or how the ICO launch will be carried out. The team knows how to differentiate between websites that will provide you with the best traffic from those whose only goal is to eat into your marketing budget. This means that you will be provided with reliable information about which websites to consider, and where to invest your money.

BeFirst seeks to ensure that each project receives a payback of up to ten times the initial investment. Choosing to work with the BeFirst team helps to guarantee you success as far as your ICO project is concerned.

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