Behaviour Exchange

Behaviour Exchange wants to use tokens and blockchain technology to identify website visitors in real-time. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Behaviour Exchange?

Behaviour Exchange, found online at, wants to use its BEX cryptocurrency to “offer everything that Google and Facebook” offer to advertisers. Basically, Behaviour Exchange wants to provide similar demographic targeting services, but at a significantly lower price compared to these advertising giants.

Behaviour Exchange will offer this type of service to all companies 24/7 in exchange for a moderate monthly fee. Unlike traditional ad exchanges, they don’t charge advertisers every time they want to launch an advertising campaign – advertisers are only charged a monthly subscription fee.

The token sale for BEX tokens begins in Q1 2018.

How Does Behaviour Exchange Work?

Behaviour Exchange connects three parties together in a unique way. Those three parties include:

  • Website Visitors
  • Websites
  • B2C Businesses

Behaviour Exchange provides each of these parties with unique benefits over other advertising exchanges, including benefits like:

1) Websites receive free service in exchange for sharing traffic with other websites in the partner network, then receive payment for data that helps collects demographic and targeting data on website visitors

2) Visitors immediately find a product or service that fits their needs and are not bombarded with irrelevant ads and content.

3) B2C businesses understand who their visitors are in real-time, then use their service to show every visitor the most appropriate product or service

Basically, Behaviour Exchange wants to replicate the service offered by an advertising network, but over a decentralized blockchain instead of a centralized middleman. The blockchain acts as the middleman, and costs are lowered across the board.

Behaviour Exchange Features

For Visitors:

Visitors receive more personalized offers tailored to their unique demographics and needs. They can visit a website without getting bombarded with irrelevant content.

For the Company:

Understand the demographic and psychographic characteristics of visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (Behaviour Exchange frequently uses the word “psychographic” when discussing visitor data, although I think “behavioral data” is a more appropriate term).

Companies Receive Rewards:

Behaviour Exchange will incentivize companies to pay for their monthly service in BEX tokens instead of fiat currency (they’ll receive a discount when paying in BEX tokens). This will ensure the constant circulation of BEX tokens through the ecosystem. The tokens will circle from token holders to millions of companies, then from millions of companies back to Behaviour Exchange and back to the market.

Active Profiles:

The token holders will be able to activate their profile, then update and actively manage their profile. In exchange for creating an “active profile”, users will receive a part of the newly inflation-created tokens. Behaviour Exchange claims that the reward for having an active profile “will be substantial” during the early years, but will gradually decrease over time.

Media Websites:

Behaviour Exchange will incentivize websites to join the BEX partner network, where each partner can install a widget and enjoy the benefits of free traffic flow from other websites in the network or just a tracking code.

Visitor Data Stored in the Blockchain:

Behaviour Exchange will record all visits by design. However, every visit by an “active profile” to a partner website will be stored in the blockchain. A block producer will execute a series of challenges to the visitor, making sure only eligible visits are recorded in the blockchain. Anybody who holds tokens can inspect that transaction in the future.

What Problems Does Behaviour Exchange Seek to Solve?

Behaviour Exchange believes that today’s advertising ecosystem has several major inefficiencies, including:

  • Website visitors are frequently bombarded by irrelevant content not catered to their needs or demographic, so they end up ignoring most advertisements
  • Businesses struggle to access demographic and psychographic characteristics of their buyers and visitors
  • Businesses cannot use their visitors’ characteristics in real-time
  • All members pay high fees to centralized intermediaries that take a big cut of profit

Who’s Behind Behaviour Exchange?

Behaviour Exchange is led by Marijan Jurenec (CEO), Stefan Furland, PhD (Director), Barbara Vtic (CFO), and Mitja Doma (CTO).

Prior to launching Behaviour Exchange, Jurenec was the head and co-founder of a media group called Pro Plus.

Development started in 2014 with a platform called Content Exchange. By 2017, Content Exchange had reached 180+ media companies across Europe, with 1 million profiles and counting.

Behaviour Exchange is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

How Do BEX Tokens Work?

BEX token economy stakeholders are motivated in a way that fuels the growth of the BEX token. There are three main characteristics of the BEX token:

  • A constant demand for tokens by B2C companies and, at the same time, a constant inflow of fiat money into the economy
  • A strong incentive for token holders to keep a part of the tokens for the long-term and therefore inhibit supply
  • A strong incentive for network holders to hold a part of the token for the long-term and therefore inhibit supply

Similar companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, have valuations of $50 to $350 per profile (Behaviour Exchange calculated this number by looking at market cap relative to the number of profiles). Behaviour Exchange believes its token and its company “will be valued according to the same benchmarks.”

The BEX Token Sale

A series of BEX token sales will take place in Q1 2018. BEX tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens. of the total supply, 60% is going to the crowdsale, 15% is going to a faucet to grow the network, 15% is for the current and future team, 5% is for endorsers, supporters, and advisors, 3% is for early contributors, legal, and campaign costs, and 2% is for a bounty program.

A total of 500,000,000 BEX tokens will be created.

Behaviour Exchange Conclusion

Behaviour Exchange is a blockchain-based advertising exchange where websites and visitors can exchange demographic and behavioral data in exchange for BEX tokens. Instead of paying for each specific advertising campaign, advertisers can pay a monthly subscription fee to access this real-time data. Visitors, meanwhile, can register themselves as an “active profile” to gain BEX tokens in exchange for visiting websites.

The token sale for Behaviour Exchange’s BEX tokens will begin in Q1 2018. To learn more about Behaviour Exchange, visit online today at

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