Beldex Removes Middlemen Launches BelTaxi, a Decentralized Taxi Service

Beldex Promotes a Secure and User-friendly Platform

Beldex, a platform that places great emphasis on privacy-enabled cryptocurrency, has recently announced the wide range of services that users will be provided with. The first of its kind is supposedly called the BelTaxi.

BelTaxi, is a decentralized system that is beneficial for drivers and customers looking for taxi services. As for its uniqueness, what makes it different from the centralized version, is that both the driver and the customer get to decide a price that works for them, which does not require the need for middlemen.

According to the claims made, its platform serves as a barter system, in which the two types of individuals involved not only decide on the price, but also allowing customers to make payments in Beldex coins.

The Beldex coins have been created as a mean to represent the future of cryptocurrencies. In particular, it focuses on both traceable and undetectable transactions, low transaction fees, payment processor tie-up, which promotes immediate crypto-fiat on debit card conversion and ultimately, universal recognition.

Beldex also provides its own utility debit cards, which can be used as a mean to store, save and expend one’s holdings. All of which can be done at lowered transaction fees, increased security and flexibility, which are the main factors that require the most work in traditional debit cards.

The private sale of the Beldex coins have commenced May 1, 2018 but will be running until May 30th. Once it comes to an end, consumers can take advantage of its pre ICO sale, which will run from June 1st until June 15th at a value of $0.15 per piece.

Clearly, the entirety of the Beldex Ecosystem works towards ameliorating real-life concerns. Their attention in seeking a decentralized and effective method in making taxi services and crypto-fiat conversions more affordable and efficient is just the start for the company.

To see what Beldex has in store for the future, here are some of the different mediums to acquire information from:

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