As many people already know, cryptobots entered the mainstream in 2017 by virtue of the fact that they helped many novice blockchain investors get their financial dealings in order. Since their inception, these bots have evolved tremendously and are now available for a variety of different uses including

  • Personal finance assistance
  • Token recommendations

Ben is an all new chatbot that provides Bitcoin users with access to latest market news, cryptocurrency lessons as well as an interface to facilitate real-time trades.

More About Ben

When looked at closely, we can see that Ben is a highly functional bot that has been designed with the objective of simplifying the core concepts pertaining to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Thus it can be benefit not only for average investors looking to get into virtual currencies but also experienced users who want to learn more about the crypto domain.

Everything from Ben’s chat interface to its general outlay is meant to demystify the myths and rumours surrounding famous alt currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Iota. Not only that, it also provide users with a better understanding of topics such as :

  • How do online exchanges work?
  • What is an API?
  • Why are alt-currencies subject to such high volatility swings?

Some of the core features of this platform include:

(i) Social Connectivity Aspect:

Apart from allowing users to trade currencies like BTC, Ben also allows us to chat with our friends (as well as share media content).

(ii) Storage Capacity:

A highly underrated feature of this platform is that it allows users to store their crypto holdings in a secure cloud storage facility. However, all of the private keys stay in possession with the owner at all times.

(iii) Backup Options:

In an event where a user loses his/her mobile phone, Ben provides us with a ‘backup seed option’ that helps us regain access to the cloud storage network without much hassle.

(iv) For Everyone:

While the interface may look deceptively simple at first, after using Ben for a couple of days, users will find that this bot can be deployed by advanced as well as novice customers.

(v) Language Support:

The core system API is designed to be compatible with a wide array of native languages. This helps increase operatibility as well as allows for improved overall functionality.

How Do I Get On Board?

Ben can downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores in simple and straightforward manner. However, before users can start using this platform and trading Bitcoin, they need to undergo a series of KYC checks.

Additionally, it should be noted that the platform charges a small fee of 1% on all transactions.

While the current iteration of the system only supports Bitcoin, the developers recently published a blogpost wherein they mentioned that in coming months currencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin will also be supported by Ben.

For any other queries, doubts or concerns regarding this platform, users can get in touch with company officials via email.

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