The evolution of blockchain technology presents itself as an opportunity to solve most of the bottlenecks that face our financial transaction systems. It is evident that blockchain technology easily explains most of the challenges we experience with our traditional financing. However, a significant problem is also facing Blockchain’s quest to overcome our financial systems.

The high volatility present in cryptocurrency is proving difficult to overcome, but the same blockchain technology has a product for investors willing to risk it in the crypto world. The latest venture is the creation of a multifunctional cryptocurrency that will work in an ecosystem to enable the faster adoption of digital assets.

What Is BeonBox?

BeonBox is a peer-to-peer Ethereum ecosystem that will facilitate transactions and trade through a seamless blockchain economical platform. The venture will employ the use of a multifunctional cryptocurrency (BOX token) to create an artificial financial ecosystem that will enable users to connect and interact through the various platforms present. The BeonBox ecosystem will be utterly free of third-party intermediaries, and users will only rely on the BeonBox wallet and token to trade or carry out transactions.

BeonBox BOX Token For Shopping, Exchange & Cashback Features

  • BeonBox Shopping-with increase in online shopping, BeonBox will capitalize on the trend with their BeonBox shopping platform. The platform will be available for both mobile and PC users with P2P transactions and BOX tokens as the main components
  • Exchange service- Increase in exchange services is growing, and BeonBox exchange service will carry out trades between fiat and eight significant cryptocurrencies. That will happen with no fees charged by the platform
  • Cashback crediting platform-the cashback crediting facility will act as a bonus for BOX holders who invest in the initial stages of BeonBox’s growth. Each day will earn a return of 0.97%.
  • Gaming Services-the gaming services will comprise of an online gaming mode, gamers, gaming gear and the audience. All the gaming industry partners can also join in and help BeonBox create their gaming brand

BeonBox Advantages

  • No geographical threshold- use of blockchain technology does not limit the platform’s extensive range of members from around the world.
  • The different supply rate- the small percentage of supply will ensure there is control regarding volatility since it will raise demand on a daily basis.
  • Transparency-all transactions are open for scrutiny by any user, thanks to Blockchain’s interoperability
  • A multi-currency exchange wallet will allow for trading of both fiat and digital currencies
  • Security-there is a high degree of protection to ensure the safe storage of BeonBox data and digital assets.
  • The simplicity and convenience of BeonBox’s interface will have the users conduct faster and more accurate transactions. New members will not encounter sophisticated applications or platforms functions
  • The presence of BeonBox platforms provides immediate liquidity of the tokens and consequently, guaranteeing the safety of your investment.

BeonBox BOX ICO Conclusion

A lot of factors would go into judging the eligibility of BeonBox, but the most critical factor is to look at the roadmap to see what they have in store. For BeonBox’s case, the roadmap does not give an in-depth overview of the development of the platform and slightly lays claims to ambitious operational and expansion goals. As such failing to focus on developing BeonBox is an indication that such a project might lose it hype once the ICO is over.

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