DappCon Berlin Day 1 was a Success final

The event of the Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & infrastructure was a hit. It was liked by the public. The event took place in Berlin which was scheduled on Thursday night. It had a very wide range of a topic to cover and it offered the public to learn about tech updates, software launches, and to find out the solutions to the problem like scalability which is related to Ethereum.

About DappCon

DappCon is a nonprofit developer conference that targets the distributed applications, tooling and the foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. The conference is designed for developers to talk about the launch of next-generation Dapps and also it gives a platform for developers to build a stronger and more reliable Ethereum’s core infrastructure and applications.

Gnosis the company who organize the DappCon event is the eldest Ethereum dApps. The company launched its first major Dapp on Ethereum in August 2015. In present Gnosis is working on the construction of 3 major Ethereum based Dapps and is evolving daily to function efficiently.

What is 3D Box?

Michael Sena, a developer at 3d Box said that it allows developers to get and remove data from the Ethereum account. They can erase all the information from its private data store which feels more secure. It also allows users to collect data that are off-chain.

The conflicts between Investors and the Community

The grant manager at Ethereum Community Fund Casandra Shi speaks about the contradictory interests of Ethereum community. So basically the gap is between the community and the investors as they won’t agree on terms and condition with each other. This makes it difficult to focus on building a strong ecosystem which is really important.

Apart from the presentations and overview by the experts in the conference DappCon also gave chance to the participants to see what each company’s developer is building. This gave the audience the clarity of the conference and thus the event was a smash which almost satisfied every participant.

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