BESS-Coin Review

Today we’ll review a new blockchain company that will have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon called BESS-Coin. This is a new crypto that is backed by a real asset: each token is worth a kilowatt generated by the BESS Kraftwerke company, which adds a critical value to the BES tokens. These tokens have been created by an energy company called BioEnergon.

The BESS-Coin Token Sale

Interested in buying BESS-Coin? The token sale of the company will be held during April to June. The prices will change each month. In the first month, you can buy 1 BES token with 0.0045 ETH, the same amount with 0.0050 ETH in the second month and with 0.0055 ETH in the last month of the BESS-Coin sale. The only currency accepted is ETH.

There are no minimum purchase values and you can buy as much you want, too. The company also does not ask for any type of whitelisting or verification, so there is no need to participate in any Know Your Customer procedure.

Other information about the BESS-Coin ICO:

  • Soft cap: 20,000,000 USD.
  • Hard Cap: 150,000,000 USD.
  • Tokens for sale: 600.000.000 BES tokens.

About BESS-Coin

BESS-Coins are tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be mined. They are ERC20 utility tokens that are backed by real electrical energy so their price will not only depend on factors like the market because they are real assets not only digital coins that have no backing whatsoever.

This way, you can use the BESS-Coin to basically tokenize electricity because you can buy and sell it as you would do with any type of asset. The company believes that, by doing this, it can certainly ensure a viable way of continuing its business and keeping it profitable. All the transactions are made via smart contracts that are secure and immutable.

The BESS-Coin Team

The BESS-Coin is formed by professionals that work with either blockchain and IT or with electricity and energy generation and work in BioEnergon Green Energy Ltd. The CEO of the company is Edmund Schmitz, which is the inventor of this idea and its manager.

Hubert Suslik is an account manager with years of professional experience in management and consultancy; Marc Schüßler is Chief Information Officer and has been working in IT since 2004; and Bodo Danzl is Executive Board Member, a business with extensive experience in business management.

Other relevant members of BioEnergon Green Energy that are working on the BESS-Coin project are Vincenzo Carnabuci (sales and technical coordination), Michele Menato (lawyer and advisor), Atti Dikeni Affo (account management) and Fausto Toso (sales). The team is also aided by electrical engineers that have designed the system.

The BESS-Coin Verdict

We are still not completely sure if investing in BESS-Coin is your best choice. Tokens that are backed by real assets are always good, but the company does a poor job of explaining how it can be really profitable to invest in this has some weight in the decision.

The company’s site is really not very well done and it does not look like a lot of effort was put into it. These aspects certainly affect sales and your trust in the company. Think well before deciding to invest in BESS-Coin.

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