18 Best Bitcoin Trading Bots (2019 User Guide)

Welcome to the BitcoinExchangeGuide.com best bitcoin trading bots overview for 2019.

We put together a valiant effort into reviewing all of the top automated cryptocurrency trading systems currently available for investors to use and decide which is right for you.

Once upon a time, it was well-known that trading is the life blood of markets. And since the blockchain era is dawning before our eyes, the ability to transact within the global economy is a 24/7/365 endeavor and shall remain that way indefinitely given the nature of invaluable elements bitcoin brings to the world's financial infrastructure as programmable money.

Simply put, people, in this case, investors, would rather have opportunity over charity. And with an ever-increasing number of cryptocurrency-related platforms emerging in this booming sector, combined with the non-stop day to day price movements and volatility, it can leave most part-time and full-time day traders frustrated to compete. Whether a lack of knowledge, insight or timeliness ultimately required to make magic happen within the market, humans are full of emotions, biases and prone to miscalculations that can jeopardize results.

Bitcoin investors are familiar with the need to be on their toes whenever they want to have a growing portfolio and enhance their profit to loss ratios. Unlike the regular stock markets, the cryptocurrency market never sleeps and as a trader, this presents a highly stressful situation for investing within the industry.

Fortunately, the development behind most of today's highly-sophisticated, automatically-executing, self-configurable bitcoin trading bots reviewed below have came along way.

The top crypto coin trading software systems available can provide investors with a legitimate edge and more viable option to optimize their time, effort and resources to not only generate a passive income but protect your investments using ‘artificial assistance'.

Due to the completely-customizable, granular control most of the reputable bitcoin-based trading bot software setups offer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine which bot solutions can be trusted and which are best avoided. And because so many traders already rely on robots to perform automated trades around the clock, many investors can be at a disadvantage to begin with by trying to compete with artificially-intelligent trading robots.

The key to unmasking why automatic bitcoin investment robots work is because of how they are programmed to win at a bunch of micro-trades or have the ability to step out of any trade depending upon risk tolerance and marginal timeframes, or even long-term belief in the coin of your choice to ‘hold' despite recording losses on a live trade. Most, but not all, will offer a range of known technical indicators, pre-built algorithms and chart tendency analysis.

Now that we have laid the foundation on bitcoin trading bots, the rest of this 2019 user guide will come in a 3-part series to help you make an informed and education decision when selecting from the list assembled below. First we will review the 18 best bitcoin bot systems, then talk about the human vs robot trading aspect followed up by how important trading bots are to bitcoin's emerging cryptocurrency market.

Enjoy learning about the features, tools and functionality of each of the crypto trading bots so you can trade like a professional and take your game to the next level. Make sure to read about the risks and safety of syncing up your bitcoin bot of choice with your personal cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

Top 18 Rated Bitcoin Trading Bots for 2019

As with any automated system, it’s important to perform your due diligence and assess the potential costs and benefits of using bots for financial transactions before getting started.

Best Bitcoin Trading Bots

Crypto World Evolution (CWE) 2019 Overview

Crypto World Evolution has recently come to light as a top performing auto trading bots. We covered the whole bitcoin trading bot review side of the software in another post you can find here: Crypto World Evolution and a report that came out regarding legality of using bots, you can see here: CWE Howey Test.

Why did we put it to number 1 of the best bitcoin trading bots? What we like about Crypo World Evolution is the fact that you aren't putting money into a system that you have no control over. With CWE, you leave the money in your exchange account (Binance, Bittrex, Okex, Hitbtc) and the bot does the trading via API access. You can leave the “Allow Withdrawal” option off so that it doesn't have access to your cryptocurrency.

We recommend using Binance since their API allows you to select which altcoins you want the bot to trade against. The other 3 exchanges they are working on getting API access to selecting which coins. CWE trades via Bitcoin (BTC) only. So you will need to fund your account with BTC and let the bot know exactly how much it can trade with. Then pick at least 15 altcoins that you want the bot to trade for.

On average, each trade is worth .01 BTC – So if you tell it to trade up to .1 BTC it will open up 10 trades simultaneously. The Bots algorithm tells it to hold a trade open until it reaches 1% or greater depending how the market looks. Open trades stay in a state of “pending” until it reaches the desired level to sell off or if you manually click “Sell” yourself.

You are still in full control, which is why its at the top of our list.

With the market being as volatile as it is, your bot may make several trades per day or it may not make any. We recommend selecting 15 coins that you have done research on and would trade for if you were doing it yourself. The CWE bot will keep opening new trades until you tell it to stop. We have seen trades close at 1% to 10% but on average we saw close to 2%. Which is great considering you aren't sitting there watching the charts.

Haasbot 2019 Overview

Bots haasbot

The Haasbot automated trading solution is one of the more popular Bitcoin trading bots available, and removes a significant amount of legwork from the trading process. Haasbot, like most of the other bots on this list, integrates with all major exchanges and offers the unique benefit of candlestick pattern recognition capabilities. As the price of Haasbot ranges between 0.12 and 0.32 BTC per three-month period, users of the bot must be fairly committed to extracting a significant ROI from it.

The world of cryptocurrency never sleeps. Unlike the typical trading markets where there is a specific cutoff time, with digital currency it continues to work while we sleep. This makes it very difficult to keep up with the market and the crypto world. For traders this ensures sleepless nights toiling over endless charts. After all, in the digital world, you have to work like a machine to keep up and there are several traders with horror stories of missing that golden opportunity because they had to sleep.

In the digital world, the window of profitability is narrow. A trader has but a few moments to jump on a trade or risk losing it. All this, of course, causes stress that ultimately affects their decisions on and off the market. These things happen on a daily basis for a skilled and knowledgeable trader. But what if you are completely new to the game? What if you are an investor looking to get into this crazy world of cryptocurrency?

The knowledge and know how to make trades comes with trial and error. There are some who fork over thousands to learn the skills to become cryptocurrency traders while others take a practical approach and watch from others. The thing is though, cryptocurrency trading is a game. And the game is to make money. No one wants to lose money due to bad trades. But those just coming on the platform don't have anyone to learn from. The gurus and financial advisors always keep their best secrets to themselves. They don't want to give away too much and have you beat them. That is where Trading bots come in.

For many professional traders down to the newbies fresh on the scene, a trading bot can mean the difference between winning and losing. Basically a trading bot is a computer program that uses codes and algorithms. The bots are set to analyze cryptocurrencies and where they go either up or down.

These nifty programs are perfect for the beginner trader. Because their systems go over data that could be easily missed by a new trader. The upside to trading bots is that they are computers that can handle working 24/7 and stay on top of the cryptocurrency market when mere humans have to sleep and do other human things.

However, relying on a trading bot can be risky. After all, the data collected is sometimes unreliable and inconsistent. But there are a few bots out there that can show positive results and help any investor make some serious cash.

HaaSOnline Automated Bitcoin Investment Software

The HaaS trading bot was conceived in January 2014 by none other than Stephan de Haas. The company HaaSOnline Software has been around since the 90s and has a ‘flagship' product known as the HaasOnline Trade Server (HTS). The HTS is a cryptocurrency trading system that was designed to automate trades and is in its third revision.

The HaaSbot, the newest auto trading software has been revised twice and is set to be released in 2019 as 4.0. Although, this new updated version does have some drawbacks. One is that it can't access some exchanges. However, the people at HaaS are on the job to fix that problem.

On the plus side though, HaaSbot is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. In order to run the bot though, your computer will need 1.2 GHz or higher and at least four cores to function properly. Also, you will need at least 2GB of memory space along with an internet connection that is super-fast or at least 5mbit download speed.

HaaSOnline Trade Software has fifteen bots to choose from depending on how much you want to spend on the software. These are also broken down by how often you trade. For the most basic you will want to look at HaaSbot 3.0.

HaaSbot is the most widely used trading system. It offers the ability to configure all sorts of trades from the most simple to the complex strategies used for trading. Other popular bots from HaaSOnline are Index Bot, The Accumulation Bot, Flash Crash Bot, Email Bot, InterExchange Arbitrage Bot, Order Bot, and Intellibot Alice.

Each of these bots can be set to your specification. So whether you want to set pre-defined orders with Order bot, or set orders based above or below a base price.

With so many features of HaaS Bot, you are sure to find a system that works for you. The company offers packaged plans suited for every trader. You can get a package for three months or twelve. Or somewhere in between. Plus, their price plan is also affected by the kind of trader you are. You have the option of getting a beginner plan to advanced plans.

The cost for a basic beginner plan for 12 months is 0.12 BTC. But for the basic simple plan for the hobbyist, you are looking to spend 0.02 BTC. For the more advanced trader, you are looking at spending a whopping 0.32 BTC for the 12-month package.

When it comes to finding a bot that works for you, there are a lot of variables to consider. You want one that will be reliable and trustworthy that won't break the bank. After all, you will need funds to trade with so why spend all your money on a bot? But the advantages of having one, to some are worth the cost. Ultimately though the choice is yours.

So, is HaaS Bot worth the price? Yes. For anyone seriously looking to trade cryptocurrencies, you need a program that will keep up with the never-ending data streaming in. You want one that you can set and forget. HaaS Bot with all the bells and whistles is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the game and get a little shut-eye.

3Commas 2019 Overview


3Commas is a popular bot that allows its users to trade on multiple exchanges automatically. It supports BitFinex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Binance, GDAX, KuCoin, Poloniex, YoBit, Huobi, and Cryptopia. Additionally, it is very easy to use and navigate, and users can see all of their trades, and have access to additional features, like trailing stop losses, copy trading, automated mean-reversion trades, and alike.

Finally, its traders can set up a model portfolio, analyze it and test it, so that their portfolio composition would be perfected. Its price can be anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the number of features. 3commas, found online at 3commas.io, is a trading platform that helps you make smart trades on multiple exchanges through a unified interface. Find out everything you need to know about 3commas today in our review.

What is 3commas?

3commas claims to help you “automate your crypto trading and learn from the best traders” through an easy online account. The core 3commas platform features a smart trading terminal that comes with trading bots and portfolio management tools. Users are encouraged to deposit money, then allow the system to make trades on their behalf. Slogans like “increase profits” are spread throughout the 3commas website, leading users to assume they can make money by allowing the system to make automated trades.

3commas also offers more than just crypto bots. The platform also allows you to access multiple exchange accounts from a convenient online platform, setting up advanced trades like trailing stop-loss and take-profit orders, even on exchanges that would not typically allow those trades.

Access to 3commas requires a monthly subscription. Subscriptions range in price from $30 to $100 per month, depending on which features you want.

Plenty of other trading bots claim to maximize your crypto trading returns. Does 3commas really work? Or is this yet another over-hyped trading bot plaform?

Let’s take a closer look at how 3commas works.

How Does 3commas Work?

You can register for 3commas.io for free using your email ID and a password. Then, you’ll be able to see the 3commas dashboard, where you can track your balance, prices, and other information.

Over time, 3commas has continued adding to its list of supported exchanges. Today, 3commas supports Bitmex, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, Cex, Coinbase Pro, OKEX, Huobi, and Yobit.

You can connect all of the above accounts to your 3commas account, then make trades across all accounts from a simple, unified interface. From a single dashboard, you can make trades on Bittrex and Bitfinex without needing to login to multiple platforms.

3commas allows you to make traditional trades, buying one currency and selling another.

Or, you can setup more advanced trading types, including stop-loss and take-profit orders. 3commas even allows you to setup these advanced orders on exchanges that don’t currently support them. If one of your chosen exchanges does not support trailing stops, for example, then you can setup trailing stops to 3commas to add trailing stops to that account.

Other key features of 3commas include notifications for order conditions (including whether or not your order was filled). There’s also a trader’s journal that collects all of your trading activity across all exchanges into one convenient notebook.

3commas also allows you to copy or follow traders directly through the platform. Do you want to replicate the success of the best crypto traders? You can do that with 3commas, which lets you track or copy trades with a single click.

All of the 3commas features can be accessed through any ordinary web browser on a desktop or mobile device. There’s an iOS app available, although an Android app is currently under development.

3commas Bitcoin Trading Bot Features

Key features available through 3commas include all of the following:

Open Multiple Trade Orders Simultaneously: 3commas allows you to maximize profits by opening a trade and planning both stop loss and take profit orders simultaneously. That means you can establish a price point where you absolutely wish to sell and take profit, as well as a price point where you absolutely wish to sell and stop your losses. Setup these trades from directly within the SmartTrade terminal.

Trading Bots: 3commas has three broad types of bots available, including simple bots, composite bots, and Bitmex bots. You can setup long bots using TradingView signals. Or, you can choose from multiple timeframes and use a ‘composite’ signal. There are short bots, bots that use the QFL method, and other bots that can be customized based on your unique trading strategies.

Mobile Apps: 3commas has a mobile app available for iOS, with a mobile app for Android actively in development and expected to be launched in the near future.

Advanced Order Types: 3commas lets you setup advanced order types, including contemporary stop-loss and take-profit orders as well as trailing stop-loss and take-profit orders. One of the helpful things about 3commas is that users can setup these advanced orders even on exchanges that do not currently support them. If you have grown frustrated with the lack of advanced orders on certain exchanges, then you can connect your account to 3commas to create those advanced orders.

Trader’s Diary: Want all of your crypto trades organized in one place? Some traders use an Excel document or dedicated accounting software. 3commas takes a different approach with its trader’s diary, which collects all of your trades across all exchanges into one convenient location. The trader’s diary notes the date and time of the trade, the exchange on which the trade took place, the price of the currencies at the time of the trade, and the gain or loss since you made that trade. There’s even a ‘Notes’ section that allows you to make special notes about each trade.

Portfolio Follow / Copy: Want to replicate the success of popular traders? 3commas has a portfolio follow / copy feature that allows you to track the trades of a specific trader. You can follow the trades, then choose whether or not to implement them in your own portfolio. Or, you can allocate a portion of your portfolio towards copying the trader’s movements. 3commas also lets you track how various traders have performed over time, helping you choose the best trader based on the trader’s real returns over the last 1, 6, or 12 months.

3commas Pricing

3commas offers three different pricing options, including Starter, Advanced, and Pro. You pay a specific amount per month, although you will also pay an additional commission of 0.25% on certain trades, including Smart Trade (Buy) and Smart Trade (sell) orders, which means most trades you make through the 3commas will be charged a fee of 0.25%, along with whatever additional fees are charged by the exchange you use (typically between 0.1% and 0.5%).

Starter ($29 for 1 Month, $145 for 6 Months, or $290 for 12 Months)
  • Access to 3commas Smart Trading terminal
  • Unlimited number of exchanges
  • Notifications for errors and cancelations
  • No trading bots
Advanced ($49 for 1 Month, $245 for 6 Months, or $490 for 12 Months)
  • Access to 3commas Smart Trading terminal
  • Access to simple bots
  • Custom TradingView signals
  • Portfolio management
Pro ($99 for 1 Month), $495 for 6 Months, or $990 for 12 Months)
  • Access to 3commas Smart Trading terminal
  • Access to simple bots, composite bots, and Bitmex bots
  • Custom TradingView signals
  • Full portfolio management
Enterprise (Price on Request)
  • Access to 3commas API
  • Addition of custom features by request
  • Priority support

The 0.25% commission is only charged on money you deposit within your 3commas account. IT is not charged on money deposited with any exchange. When you join 3commas for the first time, you will receive a signup bonus of $10, and that signup bonus can be used to cover commissions. The commission will be deducted from your account upon completion of the trade.

Who’s Behind 3commas?

3commas is a Toronto, Canada-based company founded in 2017.

The official 3commas website lists about a dozen individuals involved with the team, including links to their LinkedIn profiles. Key members of the team include Victor Cucoz, Mikhail Gavrilov, Yuriy Sorokin, and Dmitri Kuznetsov.

Although 3commas is based in Toronto, only one of the employees lists a Toronto location on their LinkedIn profile. All remaining employees are based in Russia. Overall, the vast majority of 3commas seems to be run by Russian developers and finance specialists, although 3commas only lists a location in Toronto.

3commas is active on social media. The company has approximately 3,000 users in its Telegram channel. Updates are also regularly posted to the 3commas Facebook and Twitter profiles.


3commas is a crypto trading management platform available online at 3commas.io. The platform connects with some of the world’s most popular exchanges, allowing you to create advanced order types on exchanges like Bitmex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Coinbase Pro. You can open a trade and plan both stop loss and take profit orders simultaneously, for example, even on exchanges that don’t support them.

3commas is available today through 3commas.io as well as through an iOS app.

Cryptohopper 2019 Overview

What is CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper is a crypto trading platform based on cloud technology that can be setup to make trades on your behalf based on technical indicators. This means that it can keep trading even if your computer is turned off. Traders who have experience can use a manual approach, and use technical indicators for configuring the bot.

Additionally, the bot also has external signalers, which can allow new traders to let their bot do the work itself, as per recommendations from trusted third-party sources. The bot offers a wide variety of other features, and the price of subscription can go anywhere from $19 to $99, depending on how many features the user wants. Find out how it works today in our review.

CryptoHopper promises to be “the most complete automated cryptocurrency trading software” available today. Using features like a trading strategy designer, automatic trading robots, and copy trading, CryptoHopper has carved a niche for itself by offering a reputable, quality trading platform in an industry that sorely needs it.

The main goal of CryptoHopper is to make advanced automated trading as simple as possible. Thanks to CryptoHopper, advanced trading strategies are no longer reserved for those with eight monitors and a computer science degree. CryptoHopper lets ordinary users access the same advanced trading strategies through a conventional trading interface.

The name CryptoHopper comes from the idea that you setup your “hopper” to jump between exchanges, making trades based on unified trading strategies. CryptoHopper will make trades on your behalf at one of 12 major exchanges.

How Does CryptoHopper Work?

Similar to other unified crypto trading platforms, you can connect your crypto exchange accounts on Binance, Bittrex, and other major exchanges to CryptoHopper, then make trades directly on those exchanges from within CryptoHopper.

Unlike other unified crypto trading software, however, CryptoHopper does not charge additional fees. Some of CryptoHopper’s competitors charge trading fees of 0.25% on top of any exchange fees. CryptoHopper does not charge any fees aside from its subscription fees.

Once you have added your crypto accounts to CryptoHopper, you can begin making advanced trades, including stop loss, trailing stop loss, auto close, and DCA trades. CryptoHopper has 120+ indicators and candle patterns from which to choose, allowing you to seamlessly implement a trading strategy across accounts on multiple exchanges.

The CryptoHopper layout will be familiar to anyone who has used a conventional trading platform or crypto trading website. All the main features are shown in one place. You can scroll through your positions, history, states, and marketplace with ease.

Users can also choose from 30+ signal groups from around the world. Intelligent algorithms help you feed your signals, giving you unique insight that allows you to buy on-the-rise coins before the rest of the world discovers them.

CryptoHopper offers 80+ indicators and candle patterns as well, making it easy to craft an expert strategy that your hopper will follow at all times. You can customize your CryptoHopper experience extensively based on whatever trading strategies you wish to pursue.

Want to buy or sell top trading strategies? CryptoHopper has a marketplace where you can buy and sell top templates and strategies. Users who are good with technical analysis, for example, can sell their templates and strategies on the marketplace for added profit.

You can also use CryptoHopper for mirror trading, copying the trades of other successful traders and feeding those strategies directly into your own hopper.

Another nifty feature with CryptoHopper is that you can access all of the above features without using any of your real money. You can use ‘play crypto’ to implement strategies, for example, implementing real CryptoHopper data and exchange rates. Once you have built your skills and confidence using play money, you can start making real gains with real money.

Finally, we also appreciate that CryptoHopper supports most major exchanges, including Huobi, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Kucoin, and more.

CryptoHopper Features

CryptoHopper’s core features include all of the following:

Unified Trading Platform: Add all different crypto exchange accounts to a single platform, then implement unified strategies across all accounts. CryptoHopper not only has a great UI, but it also gives users access to advanced signals, technical analysis, and more, even on the most basic subscriptions.

Strategy Designer: Build a trading strategy using 130+ CryptoHopper indicators and candlestick patterns using the strategy designer. Then, load your strategy into the hopper and trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your strategy is successful, you can even sell it for profit on the CryptoHopper marketplace.

Paper Trading: Not ready to invest real money into crypto trading? Take advantage of CryptoHopper’s paper trading feature, which allows you to mess around with “play money” before depositing real funds. Create a strategy that works for you. Then, once you’re confident it works, you can deposit your real money.

Automatic Trading: Setup CryptoHopper to trade coins automatically on a dozen different major exchanges, 24/7. Setup a system that identifies the best rising coins before the rest of the world discovers them.

Mirror Trading: CryptoHopper lets you download strategies or templates to discover what the world’s leading analysts are doing to maximize profits. Real-time updates can be sent directly to your bot, allowing you to copy the trades of leading analysts.

Shorting: Short sell coins using CryptoHopper on any exchange, taking advantage of a falling market to capture profits.

Trailing Stop-Loss: CryptoHopper lets you implement trailing stop loss (TSL) and other advanced trading orders into any exchange, even the ones that don’t specifically support it.

Simple Layout: CryptoHopper has a simple, well-designed dashboard that will be familiar to anyone who has used crypto trading websites or trading software in the past.

Signals: Choose from 30+ signal groups from around the world, using intelligent algorithms and advanced tech to feed your CryptoHopper signals and buy rising coins.

Marketplace: Buy and sell templates and strategies on the CryptoHopper marketplace. Users who are good with technical analysis, for example, can earn more than just their trade gains, selling their analysis systems to maximize profits.

Supports Most Major Exchanges: CryptoHopper lets you connect crypto trading accounts from Huobi, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, KuCoin, and Cryptopia. An additional three exchanges are listed as ‘coming soon’, including HitBTC, CEX.io, and Cobinhood.

CryptoHopper Pricing

CryptoHopper is available at a variety of different price points, including a free 7 day trial. Paid subscriptions range from $19 to $99 per month.

Free Trial (Free for 7 Days)
  • 80 positions
  • Maximum of 15 selected coins
  • Maximum of 2 triggers
  • Technical analysis every 10 minutes
Explorer Hopper – Beginner ($19 Per Month)
  • 80 positions
  • Maximum of 15 selected coins
  • Maximum of 2 triggers
  • Technical analysis every 10 minutes
Adventure Hopper – Medium ($49 Per Month)
  • 200 positions
  • Maximum of 50 selected coins
  • Maximum of 5 triggers
  • Technical analysis every 5 minutes
Hero Hopper – Pro ($99 Per Month)
  • 500 positions
  • Maximum of 75 selected coins
  • Maximum of 10 triggers
  • Technical analysis every 2 minutes
  • All coins for signals
  • Arbitrage

All CryptoHopper accounts also includes some common features, including 0 additional trading fees from CryptoHopper; buy settings, lower bids, cooldowns, and trailing stops; settings like stop loss, TSL, auto close, and DCA; personal and global trading stats; 120+ indicators and candle patterns; syncing, tracking, selling, and manual buys; paper trading practice with play money; and strategy backtesting with historic data.

Who’s Behind CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper was founded by two brothers. Prior to becoming interested in crypto, one brother worked as a day trader while the other brother was a web developer. The two teamed up to build a crypto trading robot on a Raspberry Pi using a 3D printed case. That machine became the first CryptoHopper. Eventually, the two decided to create a platform dedicated to implementing those trading strategies. That platform is CryptoHopper.

CryptoHopper is based in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2017.


CryptoHopper is a crypto trading platform that aims to bring transparency and quality to an industry that sorely needs it. While other crypto trading platforms lure users with “maximum gains”, CryptoHopper simply presents the tools available to customers, then allows them to create a customized trading experience using powerful features like the strategy designer, which allows you to implement 130+ signals from 30+ different signal groups worldwide. Or, copy the trades made by advanced traders.

You can setup your CryptoHopper account to connect with accounts on a dozen major exchanges. Then, you can implement advanced trades and trading strategies across all of those accounts simultaneously. CryptoHopper doesn’t charge additional commissions (beyond the ordinary trading fees charged by exchanges). Instead, you just pay a monthly subscription fee ranging from $20 to $100 per month.

A free 7 day trial of CryptoHopper is available to all new customers. Visit CryptoHopper online today to learn more.

Pro Crypto Bots (Goldman Bot) 2019 Overview

Pro Crypto Bots GoldmanBot

Pro Crypto Bots, found online at ProCryptoBots.com, is an automated crypto trading platform that claims to maximize profit and minimize risk for all crypto traders. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Pro Crypto Bots?

Pro Crypto Bots is a crypto trading platform that uses Fibonacci trading bots to give users “incredible opportunities to grow your crypto investment with minimal risk, even during volatile market conditions,” explains the official website.

Similar to other crypto trading platform websites, which promise enormous returns with minimal risk, Pro Crypto Bots seems to make grandiose statements about its effectiveness, saying things like the following:

“Incredible overall accuracy – high time-frame bots have 60-70% of trades generating positive returns. Lower time-frame ETH bot has lower accuracy but builds faster ROI, with over 700% ROI in 5 months.”

Pro Crypto Bots seems to attempt to dazzle users with stories of users earning enormous returns by implementing their trading strategies. They even claim that users can grow their accounts “even if prices go down” because “our bots work on crypto futures.”

Many other crypto trading platforms promise huge profits with minimal risk. Does Pro Crypto Bots actually deliver? Or is this yet another over-hyped crypto trading robot platform with few real results? Keep reading to find out how Pro Crypto Bots works.

How Does Pro Crypto Bots Work?

The crypto trading robots on Pro Crypto Bots claim to be “the most sophisticated trading algorithms available on the market today.” The algorithms were developed by trading bot veteran @Fibonacci30. Thanks to Pro Crypto Bots, users can access these trading bots and enjoy “incredible opportunities” to grow their crypto investments “with minimal risk.”

Essentially, here’s how Pro Crypto Bots works:

  • You sign up for the website
  • You implement one of several different trading bots
  • You allow those bots to make trades on your behalf, buying and selling your currencies based on signals and the algorithms of the bot

That’s it! Using these basic strategies, you can enjoy easy profits with minimal risk – at least according to the Pro Crypto Bots team.

Pro Crypto Bots currently offers two bots with full automation included, including a bot for Ethereum (ETH/USD) that operates on a 2 hour timeframe, and another bot for bitcoin (BTC/USD) that operates on a 4 hour timeframe. Both bots use bitcoin as collateral, with profits paid in bitcoin as well.

All trades take place through Bitmex or Deribit. Unlike other crypto trading platforms, Pro Crypto Bots doesn’t allow you to connect accounts from multiple crypto exchanges. Instead, the platform only works with Bitmex or Deribit, both of which are known for offering bitcoin futures contracts – including perpetual futures.

All you need to get started is your own Bitmex or Deribit account and some bitcoin. Pro Crypto Bots recommends you have a minimum of 0.5 BTC before signing up for a subscription, although it’s not required.

Pro Crypto Bots Features

Easy Setup: Pro Crypto Bots is surprisingly easy to setup. The developers have taken steps to make installation as painless as possible. After you make your first subscription payment, Pro Crypto Bots can be setup in minutes.

Hosted by Amazon Web Services: Another unique thing about Pro Crypto Bots is that the automation platform doesn’t actually run on your PC, which is how other platforms work. Instead, Pro Crypto Bots runs its automation through Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means you don’t have to keep your browser window open 24/7 to make trades.

Discord Support: Pro Crypto Bots has a community of 200+ subscribers as of March 2019. If you sign up for Pro Crypto Bots, you’ll gain access to this community.

Encrypted: All exchange API info you exchange between Deribit, Bitmex, and Pro Crypto Bots is encrypted and performed via https. Additionally, Pro Crypto Bots claims that it will never ask for your identity and never share your info with anyone.

Buy and Sell Crypto Futures: Pro Crypto Bots works with two of the largest bitcoin futures markets on the planet, including Deribit and Bitmex. That means you can grow your account with Pro Crypto Bots even if prices go down. “Since our bots work on crypto futures,” explains the official website, “your account can continue to grow regardless of the direction of price movement.”

Full Automation: Pro Crypto Bots has fully automated its platform by partnering with a third party called CryptoBotsHub.

High Returns: Pro Crypto Bots makes a big deal out of its high returns, claiming to deliver “incredible overall accuracy” through trading bots that “have 60-70% of trades generating positive returns.”

Two Bots Avaialble: Pro Crypto Bots currently offers too fully automated bots, including an Ethereum (ETH/USD) bot and a bitcoin (BTC/USD) bot. Both bots use bitcoin as collateral, with all profits paid in bitcoin.

Pro Crypto Bots Pricing

Pro Crypto Bots has just one pricing model and one subscription plan:

Fibonacci Bot Membership with CBH Automation: $350 per month

You can buy your subscription using PayPal. No other payment options are available.

Pro Crypto Bots also offers a free 14-day trial. However, you need to authorize a PayPal payment in order to begin your free trial. If you cancel your subscription before the 14-day trial period, then your PayPal will not be charged.

Pro Crypto Bots is not available to U.S. residents because Bitmex and Deribit have both banned U.S. residents. However, we have found various Pro Crypto Bots promoters online telling users to use a VPN to avoid this drawback, and Bitmex and Deribit both have relatively lax KYC policies.

Who’s Behind Pro Crypto Bots?

We cannot find any information about who’s behind Pro Crypto Bots. The website, ProCryptoBots.com, does not feature an ‘About Us’ page or any additional information about who’s running the platform.

A WHOIS lookup tells us that the domain was registered on September 17, 2018. The domain is registered under Tucows, a Toronto-based domain name registration service.

Pro Crypto Bots appears to have some connection to Crypto Bots Hub, found online at CryptoBotsHub.com. That company also has limited information about itself available online, however.

Overall, there’s a significant lack of transparency over any aspect of Pro Crypto Bots, including who’s running the service, where they are based, or what they are doing with your money. The lack of transparency is unusual for a service charging $350 per month.

The only other ‘clue’ we can get regarding Pro Crypto Bots comes from the people who promote it online. One of the main people promoting Pro Crypto Bots is a man named Will Hatton, who runs ‘The Broke Backpacker’ at TheBrokeBackpacker.com. Hatton published several thousand words advertising how Pro Crypto Bots was a great way to “passively grow your portfolio” and “increasing your wealth”.

Pro Crypto Bots is also connected to an anonymous user named @Fibonacci30, who has developed various Fibonacci trading bots online. Again, it’s not totally clear what the connection is between @Fibonacci30, Will Hatton, and the Pro Crypto Bots team.


Pro Crypto Bots is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers two different crypto trading algorithms developed by @Fibonacci30. The algorithms claim to help users maximize profit with minimal risk, helping to grow your portfolio by trading BTC/USD and ETH/USD futures on Bitmex and Deribit.

Overall, there’s limited information about Pro Crypto Bots available online, making it difficult to fully understand the trading platform. However, you can learn more about Pro Trading Bots today by visiting the service online at ProCryptoBots.com, where you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth $350 per month.

Gekko 2019 Overview

Gekko is a unique trading bot in that it is completely open source and can be found on Github. Unlike BTC Robot, which doesn’t provide a clear explanation of how it works, Gekko is completely programmable, and allows users to define their own automated investment strategies.

It’s possible to use Gekko to aggregate live market data, calculate indicators, execute live orders, simulate order execution, calculate profit and risk metrics, manage and import historical market data, simulate live markets with historical data, and graph all of the relevant results in a simple web interface.

The Gekko solution supports 18 different exchanges, including Poloniex and Bitfinex, and offers an adaptable plugin system that integrates with solutions such as IRC, Telegram, and email platforms. While the Gekko bot is not a high-frequency trading bot nor able to exploit arbitrage opportunities, it is a highly trustworthy Swiss army knife equivalent for traders that value simple automation and optimization.

Users can use this bot for executing some basic trading strategies, and they even have access to some pretty useful features. These include viewing prices of coins in real time, executing live orders, simulating markets, calculating indicators, and alike. Compared to our previous entries, its functionality is somewhat limited. Still, the bot continues to be useful, and it's also completely free.

Gunbot 2019 Overview

Gunbot is one of the most popular automated bitcoin trading systems on the internet today. Some say it’s the most advanced crypto trading bot on the market because it offers more customization options and settings than its competitors. Others like Gunbot because it’s clean enough for beginners to use, but advanced enough for professionals to customize how they like it. Gunbot has a pretty wide range of different specifications and settings that are useful to professionals and novices alike.

Gunbot, for example, is one of the few cryptocurrency trading tools on this list that allows you to make custom strategies. You can create your own custom trading techniques and allow the bot to execute them, for example.

Gunbot also has strong exchange support, allowing users to connect with virtually all popular exchanges. As of the latest update, Gunbot supports Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Cryptopia, Cex.io, Kucoin, GDAX & Kraken.

Another advantage of Gunbot is its community. As one of the more popular automated bitcoin traders in the space, Gunbot is used by thousands of people every day. There are active communities on Reddit and other forums. If you have a problem with the software, then it’s generally easy to find a solution.

Gunbot’s price varies from 0.04 for the Starter Edition to 0.3 BTC for the Ultimate Edition.

The Starter Edition, priced at 0.04 BTC, includes a Lite version of Gunbot Standard where users can access three strategies, including Emotionless, BBTA, and GAIN. You can add Cryptosight bot monitoring and Gunbot backtesting to your account for 0.015 BTC and 0.025 BTC, respectively.

The Standard Edition allows access to all strategies (including TSSL, Stepgain, and others) on one exchange.

The Pro Edition, priced at 0.2 BTC, allows access to all strategies on three exchanges. You also get backtesting and cryptosight with this plan.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Edition, priced at 0.3 BTC, allows access to all strategies on all exchanges. Users can access backtesting, cryptosight, TradingView, and more.

Your purchase of Gunbot includes a lifelong license. In exchange for the one-time fee, your software will be upgraded for life. Best of all, you can buy a lifetime license for a price ranging between 0.035 and 0.165 BTC.

Another nice thing about Gunbot is that it can successfully execute conservative trading strategies. Many users deposit a small amount of money into an account, let Gunbot run that account conservatively, and come back to find safe, attainable gains.

Gunbot is desktop software that you’ll need to download and install. You can run it on PC, Mac, Linux, or a VPS. Over 6,000 traders use Gunbot every day.

CryptoTrader 2019 Overview

Cryptotrader is a little known but highly scalable cloud-based automated trading bot that makes it possible for traders to build their own customized trading bot solution in minutes. As the Cryptotrader solution is completely cloud-based, it doesn’t require users to install any software locally, which is a major feature.

Cryptotrader supports all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitfinex, BitStamp, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bittrex, and provides backtesting trading strategies that allow traders to test how their strategy would work in different historical trading conditions.

One of the most unique features of the Cryptotrader platform is a strategies marketplace that allows users to buy and sell successful trading strategies. Because CryptoTrader is based on the cloud, it allows users to go a step further and create their own bots. The platform's software works with numerous exchanges, but also with many different currencies. Not only that, but the platform also provides an entire marketplace for users to sell trading strategies of their own making. The price of this bot can be paid in Bitcoin, and it costs anywhere from 0.0026 BTC to 0.0316 BTC on a monthly basis. The platform also accepts Litecoin.

BTC Robot 2019 Overview

BTC Robot was one of the first commercially available Bitcoin trading bots, and is a self-described automated trading tool that promises to deliver guaranteed profits. The BTC Robot platform offers a significant amount of evidence to support these promises, and claims to work by constantly analyzing all of the prices in every Bitcoin exchange marketplace in real time in order to exploit market gaps.

The BTC Robot is relatively simple to set up and is user-friendly, but is the subject of debate in the Bitcoin community. Some BTC Robot users have experienced modest profits, while others have found it difficult to get it working properly, or generate a significant ROI. BTC Robot is covered by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, however, making it a safe bet for an exploratory foray into the world of Bitcoin trading bots.

Zenbot 2019 Overview

Zenbot is another open source anonymous crypto trading bot that provides traders with the ability to download the code for the bot and edit it themselves via Github. The Zenbot solution is currently under active development, and is currently in the third iteration of release. It is completely free, and anyone with the proper knowledge can modify its code to suit their own purpose.

Zenbot is one of the only autonomous trading solutions that is capable of high-frequency trading, and supports the trading of multiple assets at the same time. According to information presented on the Zenbot 3 GithHub page, Zenbot 3.5.15 is capable of delivering a 1.531 ROI in three months, with is impressive for an open source automated trading solution.

The bot works with a lot of cryptos and can execute multiple trading strategies based on a technical analysis. It has a wide variety of features, but it is recommended not to use it for trading large amounts.

Coinbot.club 2019 Overview

Coinbot.club is a crypto bot rental service with an open source code. The Coinbot.club team is surprisingly transparent. On the official site, you’ll find a description of algorithms used by the trading bot (including their Conservative Algorithm and Aggressive Algorithm) as well as a link to their Github page: https://github.com/coinbitbot

Coinbot.club has a number of features that make it one of the most popular automated bitcoin trading bots on the market today, including a lucrative multi-tier commission program. If someone asks you to join Coinbot.club through their link, then be wary of all the good things they’re telling you: they get a significant kickback when anyone joins through their link.

Key distinguishing features of Coinbot.club include:

  • Cloud-based service with no need to install any software on your device
  • Transparent information about the team, the project, and code (something you don’t see with many other bitcoin trading bots)
  • Open source code with a link to the Github page
  • Affiliate program that pays up to 50% commission
  • Three types of automated trading bots, including aggressive, balanced, and conservative

Users can also pay for three bonus Coinbot.club modules, including the following:

Social Analyzer

Coinbot.club’s Social Analyzer tool checks Twitter, Reddit, and various forums for information about the social outreach of a particular cryptoasset. You can get up-to-date information about hard forks, airdrops, ICOs, and more. The Social Analyzer is surprisingly customizable: you can choose which keywords you want to see within the program. Plus, Coinbot.club claims all research is done by its team and designed to be as independent as possible.

Arbitration Bot

The arbitration bot checks for arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency exchanges. Obviously, there are other arbitration bots that work in a similar way, but Coinbot.club has a unique advantage: it also checks whether the exchange is currently accepting deposits and withdrawals. You can also set your desired volume to allow for arbitration. You can tell the bot to take the five best orders from the book, for example.

Telegram Assistant

One final bonus module available with Coinbot.club is the Telegram Assistant. Similar to other Telegram assistants, this tool lets you make trades and execute commands over a familiar chat interface. Coinbot.club claims their Telegram Assistant accounts for about 0.25% of all trading volume.

We also like that Coinbot.club has a 7 day free trial. You can register and test the developer’s bots for free. The main restriction with the trial is that your total trading volume cannot exceed 0.001 BTC. If you want to get a feel for the software, however, and make a few test trades, then the trial is very helpful.

Overall, Coinbot.club emphasizes a transparent approach to automated bitcoin trading. Typically, this is one of the least transparent industries on the internet. Coinbot.club distinguishes itself from the competition by promising to offer real profits and losses, for example. The bot even sends out an alert if the bot has made a loss of -10%.

Coinbot.club also emphasizes the power of the community. Users aren’t buying software; they’re becoming part of “the club”.

Margin.de (Formerly Leonardo) 2019 Overview

Leonardo was one of the more popular automated crypto trading bots in 2017. In late 2017, however, leonArdo disappeared from the internet after the shutdown of crypto exchange BTC-E.

Today, leonArdo is no more. Instead, the protocol has been purchased by Margin, found online at Margin.de. Margin.de has integrated leonArdo’s bots and features into its own trading system. Today, the platform emphasizes clean layouts, effective bots, and strong security. Margin.de is also a professional, registered company with transparent team information for all members available online.

Margin.de also supports a surprising number of different exchanges, including Huobipro, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, OKcoin, HitBTC, Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Bleutrade.

When leonArdo first launched, it was seen as a premium robot because it was priced at 0.5 BTC. Since being acquired by Margin.de, however, the price of the trading bot has dropped to a one-time payment of $89 on the Starter plan, which offers unlimited bots and all technical indicators on a single exchange. The Starter plan is restricted to a $10,000 balance on one exchange.

Meanwhile, more advanced users can pay $169 for the Standard plan, which allows unlimited bots and all technical indicators on all supported exchanges, up to an account balance limit of $100,000 on each exchange.

There’s also a Professional plan priced at $1,999 that offers unlimited bots, all technical indicators, all supported exchanges, and multiple APIs per exchange. There’s no account limit on the Professional plan.

It’s also refreshing to see Margin.de offer a number of different payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and BitPay. Other, less reputable automated bitcoin trading software providers only accept crypto.

Your purchase of Margin.de provides access to two algorithms that made leonArdo famous, including:

  • Ping Pong Strategy
  • Margin Maker Strategy

The Ping Pong Strategy is straightforward. You set a buy price and a sell price, then allow the bot to do the rest.

The Margin Maker strategy, meanwhile, is more advanced. You can buy and sell based on price action, and the bot will adjust depending on the direction of the market.

Another nice thing about Margin.de is its interface. Some of the other bitcoin trading bots listed on this page can be rough around the edges, packaged into a clunky UI or a basic interface. Margin.de, however, appears to have invested a significant amount into their GUI. It’s arguably the best-looking automated bitcoin trader in the space while still being easy to use.

Other benefits of Margin.de include the online tutorials, comprehensive FAQs section, and transparent company. Full team information is listed online for all team members, including links to social media profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Overall, Margin.de is the most “legit” automated bitcoin trading software developer on this list. It offers full transparency, a convenient trading interface, and a surprising range of options at a competitive price.

Autonio 2019 Overview

Next, we have Auton.io, which is a new bot that claims to be the first completely decentralized trading app, powered by AI. It is also easy to install and can be useful to amateurs and professionals alike. It uses a number of technical indicators to notify its user of the current situation. Through trade signals, its user knows exactly when to use it for automatically executed trading. It is a subscription-based bot, and the cost of using it is $50 per month.

Although the Autonio inclusion is one of the newest bitcoin trading bots on this list, the developers claim Autonio is “the first decentralized AI trading application for cryptocurrencies.” The fact that Autonio is decentralized is important: just like the cryptocurrencies it trades, Autonio is built on decentralized infrastructure. There’s no centralized point of failure, and users can transparently check Autonio’s source code to verify how it works. It’s available for anyone to see on the Ethereum blockchain.

Autonio is marketed to both retail and professional traders. All traders can access pre-determined technical indicators to create trading signals that can be automatically executed.

If you want to expand Autonio’s trading activity, then you can also visit the Autonio marketplace, where you’ll find people buying and selling the best-performing trading algorithms. If you don’t feel like setting up your own automatic trading system, then you may be able to find one that suits your needs in the marketplace.

Autonio is a decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain, and it uses its own ERC-20 token called NIO. Like other decentralized apps, you’ll need utility tokens to interact with Autonio. The platform revolves around the use of NIO tokens. You can purchase NIO tokens from major exchanges like Bitfinex, Ethfinex, and others.

Autonio’s pricing is middle to high on this list, coming in at around $50 per month. You can download Autonio version 1.2 for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android today from Auton.io. As of October 2018, Autonio has 3,400 active daily users and has been growing steadily throughout the year.

Zignaly 2019 Overview

Zignaly is a relatively new bitcoin trading bot system. The beta version of Zignaly (version 0.5) is currently available for free, although the developers plan to charge for the software when it’s fully released.

Zignaly can be integrated with TradingView and allows users to execute trading strategies directly via its API on Binance. Currently, the beta version only supports Binance, but developers plan to add more crypto exchanges as Zignaly gets closer to release. KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, and Poloniex have all been scheduled for addition in the future.

Some of the unique features of Zignaly include no pairs limits, which means you can operate with as many pairs as you want without upgrading your subscription (as we’ve seen with other apps). Zignaly also lets you edit positions, including editing your close values like stop loss or trailing.

Another nice advantage of Zignaly is its transparency: full team information is available online, including links to the co-founders’ social media profiles. Overall, Zignaly is committed to creating a transparent, user-friendly crypto trading bot that supports the world’s biggest crypto exchanges. Watch for Zignaly to continue impressing crypto traders as it gets closer to a full release.

Profit Trailer 2019 Overview

ProfitTrailer is a crypto trading bot that automatically makes trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using multiple trading strategies. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is ProfitTrailer?

ProfitTrailer, found online at ProfitTrailer.com, describes itself as “the no.1 crypto trading bot”, giving you the ability to trade cryptocurrencies automatically on Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Bittrex, and Poloniex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Of course, most crypto trading bots describe themselves as “the best bot”. What makes ProfitTrailer different? One of the unique things about ProfitTrailer is that it comes with multiple buy and sell strategies. Depending on your aversion to risk and other factors, you can implement buy and sell strategies like BB, EMA, SMA, DCA, RSI, STOCH, MACD, and more.

ProfitTrailer also distinguishes itself from the competition by attempting to “trail” major trends in the crypto space. The bot promises to help users “trail the trends”. If a coin has just jumped 5%, for example, then ProfitTrailer may buy that coin as it continues shooting up to 20% or higher. By jumping on top of the latest trends, ProfitTrailer allows users to gain similar profits with less risk – at least that’s the idea.

As with other crypto trading bots, ProfitTrailer focuses on impressing users with profit. The website is filled with statements like, “Make profits while you sleep” and “start earning today,” for example. It seems like users are led to assume that there’s minimal risk involved, and that profits are all but guaranteed.

How Does ProfitTrailer Work?

ProfitTrailer is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You download the software, then use it on any internet-connected device.

A total of 20 different trading strategies are available, including basic strategies like loss and gain and more advanced strategies like combinations of LOWBB, RSI, BBWIDTH, MACD, EMAGAIN, and others. If you’re not sure what any of those acronyms mean, then you can also setup 10 pre-designed strategies that make life even easier.

In order to use ProfitTrailer, you’ll need to buy a license. Like most other crypto trading bots, ProfitTrailer has monthly subscription plans available ranging from €39 to €89 per month. Unlike other bots, however, you can also buy lifetime subscription plans that range from €499 to €1,149. 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions are all available.

Your ProfitTrailer subscription gives you access to all supported exchanges. You do not need to buy additional licenses for new exchanges. All subscription plans also come with all indicators included, which means higher-paying users don’t get access to different indicators than users on lower subscriptions.

ProfitTrailer also allows users to buy a virtual private server (VPS) with their subscription plans. With the VPS plans, users get a pre-configured ProfitTrailer server based on a “powerful premium VPS”, allowing you to quickly implement ProfitTrailer trading strategies.

Another nice thing about ProfitTrailer is that there do not appear to be any additional fees: certain other automated crypto trading bots charge monthly fees and additional trading fees. ProfitTrailer seems to only charge monthly fees, although you’ll still have to pay any trading fees charged by the supported exchanges.

We also appreciate that ProfitTrailer has a wiki. The ProfitTrailer wiki is packed with a surprising amount of information about the software and how to use it. The support team has taken the time to create 50+ videos showing you how to use the software. Most reviews online, meanwhile, seem to indicate a positive experience with customer support as well.

ProfitTrailer Features

ProfitTrailer advertises all of the following features:

Multiple Exchanges with One License: ProfitTrailer allows you to trade on six different exchanges with a single license on all subscription plans, including Binance, BitMEX, Bittrex, Huobi, Poloniex, and KuCoin.

Trade Hundreds of Cryptos: ProfitTrailer allows you to trade any crypto or fiat pairs listed by supported exchanges. Hundreds of pairs are available for trading through ProfitTrailer.

Easy Dashboard: ProfitTrailer lets users monitor everything via the dashboard, which gives you a complete overview of your trading activity and bot movements.

Possible Buys: Get alerts about upcoming buys scheduled by your trading bot, then adjust those buys using the config settings.

Portfolio Overview: Get an overview of all your purchased coins, including coins that the bot is preparing to sell.

DCA: Setup dollar cost averaging (DCA) to buy or sell coins over a longer period of time.

Sales: See your sales, including the amount of money you’ve made from each trade made by the bot.

Config: Switch between settings and choose whether you want a basic or advanced editor. Get full control of ProfitTrailer by arranging configuration settings.

20+ Buy and Sell Strategies: ProfitTrailer has more than 20 buy and sell strategies, including basic strategies like LOSS and GAIN and more advanced strategies like combinations of LOWBB, RSI, BBWIDTH, MACD, EMAGAIN, and others.

Beginner Strategies: Not sure what any of the above acronyms mean? ProfitTrailer also has 10 pre-defined strategies based on your risk appetite.

24/5 Support: ProfitTrailer offers support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to all subscribers on all plans.

Wiki and Tutorials: ProfitTrailer has a surprisingly large Wiki and hours of video guides. A total of 50 online video tutorials explain everything from the basics of crypto trading to advanced buy and sell strategies.

PT Notifications and Tracker: Get instant trade notifications on your Discord or Telegram, including automated buy and sell signals and notifications when your bot has made a trade.

VPS: ProfitTrailer has two virtual private server (VPS) plans available, allowing you to buy a server pre-installed with an operating system, Java, PM2, Node.js, ProfitTrailer, PT Tracker, PT Notifications, and everything else you need for the best ProfitTrailer experience.

Flexible Subscriptions: ProfitTrailer offers annual subscriptions at a competitive price. You can also buy 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month subscriptions. There are even lifetime subscriptions available.

ProfitTrailer Subscription Plans

ProfitTrailer offers four subscription plans, including Basic, Basic VPS, Pro, and Pro VPS. Subscription plans include all of the following:

Basic (€29 to €59 Per Month; €699 Lifetime)
  • All exchanges
  • 24/5 premium support
  • 2 API key slots
  • 5 config saves
  • Multiple buy/sell strategies
  • Premium trading settings
  • Advanced paper trading
  • All indicators
  • Signals subscription
Basic VPS (€41.6 to €54 Per Month; €724 Lifetime)
  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Pre-configured ProfitTrailer
  • Powerful premium VPS
Pro (€37.4 to €59 Per Month; €699 Lifetime)
  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • 3 API key slots
  • 10 config saves
  • PT notifications
  • PT tracker
Pro VPS (€62.4 to €89 Per Month; €1,149 Lifetime)
  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Pre-configured ProfitTrailer
  • Powerful premium VPS

All plans give you access to all exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, KuCoin, and Poloniex. All plans also come with 24/5 premium support, API key slots, config saves, multiple buy/sell strategies, advanced paper trading strategies, all indicators, and signals subscription.

Who’s Behind ProfitTrailer?

ProfitTrailer was incorporated on September 8, 2017. Today, the company claims to have 3,000 users worldwide.

ProfitTrailer is registered in Curacao under the name ProfitTrailer B.V. The company has a Curacao Chamber of Commerce number of 149091. The company’s LinkedIn page, meanwhile, lists the company headquarters at an address in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The names of the executives involved with the company have been kept private, although there is a single listed email address: [email protected]


ProfitTrailer is an automated crypto trading bot build by a Netherlands-based team of developers. The bot offers similar features to other crypto trading bots, making trades for users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can setup customized trading strategies and choose from 20 different options. Or, you can choose a pre-configured trading bot to make trades on your behalf. Everything is managed through a simple, easy-to-understand interface. We also appreciate the transparent pricing: ProfitTrailer charges a monthly fee, but there are no additional trading fees aside from the normal fees charged by exchanges. For all of these reasons, ProfitTrailer is one of the leading crypto trading software programs available today.

Shrimpy 2019 Overview

We will have an updated review of Shrimpy – for now you can read our research to-date.

HodlBot 2019 Overview

We will have an updated review of Hodlbot – for now you can read our research todate.

Tradewave (Discontinued)

Tradewave is a complex solution that is not technically a standalone trading bot according to the literal definition of the term. Functioning as a platform that allows traders to create automated trading strategies. The Tradewave platform can connect to most of the largest exchanges, and also provides users with the ability to share successful trading strategies with each other. The only drawback of Tradewave is that it is not free, with pricing starting at around $14 USD monthly.

Ones we plan to use and research to write reviews on in the future:

  • Gimmer – https://gimmer.net/
  • Cryptorg – https://cryptorg.net/en
  • ApiTrade – https://apitrade.pro/
  • Kryll – https://kryll.io/
  • Botee Trade – https://botee.trade/
  • Apex Trader – https://apextrader.io/
  • Rialto Trade – https://www.rialtotrade.com/
  • AutoView – https://autoview.with.pink/
  • Enigma Catalyst – https://enigma.co/catalyst/

How Humans Compare to Auto Trading Bots…

As you can see above, with 18 of the top bitcoin bot systems to choose from, going inside cryptocurrency's new warfare on the bitcoin trading battlefront can be daunting. When you start to ask yourself how well manual human activity can stack up against AI-powered around the clock trading executions by automated robot algorithms, you can see how one may outlast and sustain profitable earnings if done properly.

Trading bots are essentially special programs that are using complex indicators to analyze the condition of the market, predict its next move, and execute trades. Software like this has been used for a while now, but traditionally bots were used by private investors and only recently have bitcoin-focused trading systems start to become available for the everyday investor.

Many of our readers may be well aware of what ‘crypto-trading bots’ are and what their core purpose is. As the name quite obviously implies, trading bots are automated operational tools that can help investors/day-traders execute important transactions in a streamlined, hassle-free manner.

To be even more specific, these bots can be algorithmically-programmed so as to suit the needs and requirements of its owners. Thus, they can serve as ideal companions for novice/intermediate altcoin enthusiasts.

What do Trusted Bitcoin Trading Bots Have to Offer?

As mentioned earlier, most of today’s crypto bots come pre-built with a host of intuitive algorithms that are ideal for ‘machine learning’ purposes. Not only that, many new bots also have the ability to factor in social media indicators so as to provide users with the best investment opportunities at any given time.

Other Key Points Worth Noting:

  • Institutional bots are designed to reduce problems associated with market manipulation and crypto volatility.
  • Traditional crypto bots comprise of largely automated systems that are designed to perform actions such as real-time information exchange, fiat-crypto trades, resolution of customer queries etc.

Can Manual Humans Compete with Automatic Robots?

From a purely technical standpoint, automated trading platforms are much more efficient than human solutions since they are able to factor in niche data such as:

  • Real-time market nature
  • Mathematical modeling info.
  • I/O Signals
  • Stop-Loss triggers
  • Profit targets

If that wasn’t enough, day traders can especially benefit from such offerings since they have to deal with high-frequency transactions on an hourly basis. In a similar vein, merchants too can profit from their use since they are required to be aware of the market 24-hours a day (so as to protect their hard-earned assets) .

The Downsides:

  • Many of the algorithms and codes used by trading bots to conduct their operations are easily identifiable via techniques such as ‘pattern-matching’.
  • Our regular readers may remember that a large number of so-called “reliable commercial bots have proven to be frauds” over the years.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated learning can never really compensate for human experience and instinct.

Pros Of Using Top-Rated Crypto Trading Bots

A universally accepted benefit to this software is that they can trade 24/7/365 while you sleep or during working hours. Depending on the investors' strategy you can end up making money or also lose out.

Crypto trading can also cause a lot of emotions, and often this interferes with the profitability of the selling. Impulsive buying is an example of how emotions can push one to have greed for fear of missing out on investing in a token.

We already mentioned that the crypto market runs non-stop and for a trader its impossible to keep up with the repetitive trading, price checking, and trade confirmations. With a bot can do all that working under instructions from the user to find the best trades and when to execute.

Possible Bitcoin Investment Risks Involved with a Poor Bot Program

Despite the high side, sadly cryptocurrency bots have disadvantages that can make you shun them. There are quite some cryptocurrency bots and finding the right option may seem next to impossible. In additions, the market is also infiltrated with potential scams acting as crypto trading bots.

You might also want to consider fees or usage costs. Despite the existence of free bots like Gekko and Gimmer, they may not offer the level of sophistication that comes with the subscription-based bot software such as Haasbot.

There is also the need to keep updating the bot instruction to be in tandem with the ever-changing crypto market. The continuous updating and maintenance could end up becoming a tedious task for the trader at the end of the day.

You also have to recognize that trading bots do not factor in the fundamental analysis, insider knowledge, breaking news and other myriads of factors influencing the cryptocurrency markets. That means that the strategies such as Arbitrage could end becoming less profitable.

In an ideal world, you may want to consider using bots that combine the automatic system with human expertise. For example, eToro offers the CopyTrader tool that lets you copy exact trades that other traders make. It is more of a trading bot working with the help of a human trader.

Even so, they continue to evolve at all times, and their functionality and sophistication are constantly increasing. New ones are appearing all the time, and there are dozens of them on the market right now, waiting to be used. They can be free, or subscription-based. Such bots can even be quite expensive and are often used by professional traders. Still, they are all usable, and can even be quite profitable.

While there are numerous benefits of using trading bots, users should remember that there are some serious second-thought risks involved as well. After all, you are giving the control over your money to a third party. Trading bots are still a new technology that has yet to develop. Not only that, but they work with cryptos, which are only a few years older tech than the bots themselves.

One of the biggest risks involves flawed software. Not all of the bots are of equal quality, and bad coding can make a lot of damage. If you decide to trade large amounts through the bot, the risks are that much bigger. Of course, flawed software is not a purposeful defect, but it can cost you a lot of you use a bot that has it.

There are also Flash crashes that you should watch out for, as you can experience quite heavy losses if you fail to set stop-loss limits. Flash crashes can be quite often, and it is highly advisable to be on a lookout for such occurrences.

Finally, we should not forget about scams. Scammers are a curious breed, and they evolve with technology and market. As soon as trading bots emerged, scammers figured out how to use them to their advantage. They started creating fake trading bots that the traders would start using, give them their money, never to see it again.

How Important are Trading Bots to the Bitcoin Market?

Cryptocurrency is absolutely a new tech that’s fast becoming the darling of the world. Even more, it is increasingly becoming a live laboratory procedure for trading at a higher frequency, as well as an area for the advancement for trading bots.

While there has been a vast number of trading bots and algos used by Wall Street companies for conventional trading disciplines, cryptocurrency markets are now seen as a new trading platform for exploring new methods and employing some marketing strategies.

This has been confirmed by Forbes which reported that the development of tools or trading software and decentralized exchanges will herald a new era of automated trading bots.

While companies are increasingly working on different software for crypto trading, it is still a sector that guarantees lots of improvements which will be revealed by the continuous expansion that artificial intelligence provides.

While the future of exchanges and blockchain tech is still not really clear, it is becoming increasingly obvious that artificial intelligence will play a large role in the near future.

Professional traders and institutional investors will need them to help curtail the risks while executing high volume trades in a semi-automated or hands free way.

Trading bots effectively help with minimizing trading limitations and makes it easy for retail investors, to efficiently use simpler tech applications through a well secured process. In fact, these trading bots can be designed to take advantage of trade inconsistencies caused by some manipulation, thus helping an investor or trader make even more money.

Trader bots with artificial intelligence, will also help improve the ease of trade monitoring as well as investment portfolio. As a result, traders can then focus on growing their portfolio thanks to the reliable and predictable returns.

Also, traders using bots are more likely to eliminate all forms of human error from their trades. In fact, last year, lots of traders made a lot of fortune from using trading.

However, it’s not all rosy as they can have their shortfalls. For instance they can continuously execute orders, even when the price of the tokens are falling, resulting in significant losses for their users.

They can also be used by individuals or corporations with malicious intent. For instance, some trading bots are known to collect personal information on your while they’re running on your PC. Others have been used to launch attacks on opponents in the market.

The Long Term Effects

These days, experienced traders make use of advanced trading tools as conventional traders are not familiar with them. As it stands, there is a common API for crypto trading, which makes it more challenging to use bots. Ironically, most of them don’t perform well when it comes to low volume trades.

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market necessitates the need for trading bots which are becoming increasingly popular among traders. These programmable software algorithsm allow investors to remain in trading at all times, with the bot making automatic bids even while the trader is asleep and the other half of the world is just starting to wake and rise.

While crypto trading bots sound amazing, there is a need for due diligence if it involves automatic software since human alone is not infallible when it comes to matters of trading. Even Warren Buffet, a seasoned Wall Street legend loses out from time to time and crypto trading bots could be useful at making sure such investors stay ahead of others.

Nevertheless, their continuous use in trading comes with huge costs. In the end, it is certain that bots will continue to be improved upon to meet the varieties of trading needs. This will be even more so when the crypto industry stabilizes, as they’ll play a role in helping developers with AI’s deep learning capabilities.

Last Auto-Cryptocurrency Robot Thought

There you have it – we will do our best to update with on-going research about the latest and great bitcoin trading robots. As fast as the FinTech and virtual currency worlds are growing, a lot can change in a short amount of time.

As innovation and insight begin to stack up and showcase strengths in all kinds of transformative and disruptive ways, there will be a lot of hog wash with the bacon. But just like the meat isn't the key, protein is where the solution lies. No matter what list you stumble upon and read up on next, never invest more than you can risk to lose as many cryptocurrency related laws, rules and regulations are yet to be handed down by the alphabet governing bodies.

One last thing to remember regarding the trading bots is that they are, and should be seen and used as, tools. They are not a passive income solution that will make a profit for you while you're doing something else just because of the buzzword automated. Of course, you can set up specific parameters on some of them, and have your trading somewhat secured, but the market is growing and changing all the time, and your parameters need to follow these changes especially as daily crypto news and cycles continue.

Because of that, you cannot just set up a bot and forget about it. They still require your supervision, and often even interference. The right strategy is also important, and if you do things right, then the trading bots can turn out to be quite profitable tools. If you don't — expect some serious losses.

In closing out this piece, it is worth remembering that unlike humans, commercial robots are never swayed by emotions or other psychological factors that are known to influence a lot of traders. With that being said, they don't call the intellect “man’s greatest asset” for nothing. Happy trading everyone :)

Stay woke blockchain-based bot believers, the bitcoin cryptocurrency trading revolution has just begun!

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