Best Bitcoin Blockchain Events and Crypto Conferences (2019)

There is a lot happening this year in the digital world. Conferences are taking place that you certainly don't want to miss. After all, the cryptocurrency world is constantly changing and to keep up with everything you will need a front-row seat. So, grab your calendars and mark these down. Some events may have already passed, but you are certain to find several later in the year.

Best Blockchain and Crypto Conferences in 2019

Events Past:


Blockchain Supply Chain Forum, happened on January 10, 2019 in Hong Kong, China was an event for anyone unfamiliar with the blockchain technology. During the event speakers such as Mark Blick, Kenith Poon, and five others went over the technology and it can affect the future of supply chains across the globe. The price for this even event was $40–$420.

UNLOCK Blockchain Forum, took place on January 15 and 16, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. Speakers like Nick Spanos, H.E. Wesam Lootah, Nour Hineidi Kirk and several others presented ideas to integrate less energy consuming platforms. They also spoke about how governments can utilize the blockchain technology and what it can do for people around the globe. The price for this event was $800.

Protos Blockchain Summit is another conference that took place on January 16, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland held six workshops for people to immerse themselves in hot topics such as trends and applications to venture capital and investment strategies. The price for this event was $550–5,520.

World Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress, held on January 16 and 17, 2019 in Dubai, UAE covered how to utilize blockchain technology in the banking industry to insurance and everything in between. This event offered speaker like Irwin Chee and Takashi Okita along with 98 other speakers. The price for this event was $1,285.

The North American Bitcoin Conference was held on January 16 to the 18, 2019 in Miami, Florida USA. This event was the first major event of the year in the United States. Here participants were allowed to network every hour, and listened to topics ranging from Bitcoin to ZCash, ICOs, investing, startups, and regulations. The event ticket price was $500–2,999.

Crypto Finance Conference that took place January 16 through the 18, 2019 in St. Moritz, Switzerland was the most exclusive investor conference. Here speakers elaborated on future trends and was the place to be to get an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency. The price for this event was $4,250.

Events Happening Soon

Blockchain Investment Technology Conference Middle East, will be happening January 21, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. Here participants will have the opportunity to listen to leading experts from Blockchain companies and learn about the new developments taking place right now. Here participants will learn of new investment opportunities and rub elbows with influential people like Sally Eaves and Simon Cocking along with several others. The price for this event is not listed.

Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress is also taking place on January 21, 2019 but in Geneva, Switzerland. Here participants will understand the possible impact and development of digital currencies. The price for admission is $490–690.

Investorenkongress, is happening on January 21, 2019 in Munich, Germany. The only thing for certain about this event is that ticket holders will learn more about the digital currencies and be offered an inside glimpse of investments. The price for this event is $911.

Security Tokens Realised will be held on January 23–24, 2019 in London, UK. Here investors are brought together to understand and celebrate Security tokens which make up 10% of the global GDP. This revolutionary event costs $0 to $960. So if you ever wanted to know all you can about these tokens, this is the event to go to.

Blockchain Convergence Summit held in Seoul, Korea will take place January 23–24 , 2019. This will be the second annual Chainers event. Here people will get the run down on everything crypto from the industry to decentralized networks, and even finances. The price is not listed for this event.

World Blockchain Summit will connect the cryptocurrency and blockchain gurus from around the world. Everyone from government officials to tech entrepreneurs and developers will be in Taipei, China on January 24–25, 2019. The price for admissions is only $295.

Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos, runs from January 24 to the 26 in Davos, Switzerland. Here people will discuss and learn about all the important things happening in the digital currency world. Attendees will get answers to why cryptocurrency is growing and its influence on a global scale. This event is by invite only.

Crypto Pro Expo is held in San Francisco, USA on January 29 and the 30th. This event is for investors looking to better understand cryptocurrencies and the assets that come along with them. Here the most engaging leaders in startups, investments, blockchain technology, and digital currencies will all be under one roof. There will be exposition booths along with a pitching stage and breakout roundtables. Rub elbows with influential people and get the inside scoop to boost your portfolio. The price for this event is $598–1,598.

The Blockchain Event held at Fort Lauderdale, USA on January 30 and February 1st, will show business people everything they need to know on how to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses. There will be speakers that will give real life testimonies across several industries. This is the place to learn from other people's mistakes and apply their successes. Ticket price is $199–598.

Paris Blockchain Summit will be held on January 31 until February 1, 2019 in Paris, France. This is the first major event of its kind that will allow stakeholders looking to promote to the industry. Here participants will be able to generate leads and showcase their application of the blockchain technology. Attendees will get firsthand accounts of what has worked for others and what hasn't. The price for this event is $136–1,604.

Future Events To Plan For


MAHAbfic will be showcasing speakers, startup exhibitions, and business networking in Pune, India on February 2 and 3. This event is the only one to promote the investment of “State of Maharashtra.” People from all around the globe will be able to rub elbows and shake hands with leaders in the technology field, educational, real estate, and banking. Here attendees will listen to key speakers as well as the Mayor of Mumbai and the State Minister. The price for this even is $92–355.

Blockchain Oil and Gas Canada, here participants will discover how blockchain technology will be utilized in the oil and gas industry. The event will be held in Calgary, Canada on February 12 through the 14. Price for this event is $295–4,000.

Blockchain Summit will be discussing how financial institutions around the world can begin to implement blockchain technology. This event will provide public ledger that everyone in attendance can inspect. The event will be held on February 14, 2019 in Mumbai, India with a ticket price of $99–127.

Blockchain Applied will show solid evidence of how the blockchain technology can be applied to several business plans and industries. Here attendees will get hands on applications to implement the technology into their fields. This is the event that will prove once and for all that blockchain is more than just technology for cryptocurrencies, but has the power to expand the company’s productivity worldwide. The event will have speakers that give solid and practical uses for blockchain. If you have ever wondered if blockchain can help your business, this event will answer those questions. It will be held in Dubai, UAE on February 19 – 20 with a ticket price of $3,569.

Blockchain Economy will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on February 20, 2019. Come and see what the leaders in the cryptocurrency world are saying and how to better understand this amazing technology. Here attendees will be with 5,000 other like-minded individuals from 43 countries. The price for this event is $213–572. And if you can't make it live, you can sign up to watch it from the comforts of your home or office. It will be an event not to miss.

Blockchain Summit is Asia's biggest blockchain event happening on February 27 and 28, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Here over 200 business decision makers, tech innovators and industry leaders will come together to hear from 60 visionary keynote speakers and 15 exhibitors. This will be an amazing opportunity for networking and is a must-attend event. The price ranges from $0–500.


Coinadvice, will bring together 100 speakers, 1500 attendees, 15 influencers, over 50 media partners, 25 ICO's, 50+ adventure capitalists, with 50 crypto advisors in the blockchain technology that will be happening March 4 through the 6th in Pattaya, Thailand. The price for this event will be $0–1,000.

Venture Summit West 2019 will showcase speakers such as Logan Allin, Edouard Bulteau, Jeffrey Carter, and Kelly Chen along with 100 starter presenters, over 100 featured VCs, with $60 billion under management. This is the seventh annual event for venture Summit West and will be the gathering place to connect venture capitalists, technology professionals, early-stage companies and so much more. So if you're looking for new deals or happen to be the founder or CEO of a new venture looking for funding this is the place to be. The event will take place March 6 through the 7th, 2019 in San Francisco, USA. The ticket price will be $416–727.

Token 2049 will bring together people from over 50 countries, with over 100 journalist, speakers, and is the premier event in Hong Kong, China happening on March 13 and 14, 2019. The speakers for this event include Charlie Lee, Bill Barhydt, Saifedean Ammous, and six others. The price for this extraordinary event is $999–1,999 and is one not to be missed.

Deep Learning in Finance Summit brings together 30 speakers who will highlight deep learning tools as well as techniques for the financial sector. Here attendees will hear from Mehrdad Mamaghani, Hamaad Shah, Jessica Lennard, along with several others. During this summit, Experian DataLabs will explain their solution to Open Banking data. The event will take place on March 19 and 20, 2019 in London, UK with a ticket price of $379–1,150.

Insurtech Insights will be hosting an event on March 19 and 20, 2019 in London, UK. Although, there isn't any information on who the speakers will be, attendees are sure to get tons of information and practical implications for blockchain technology. The price for this event is $512–2,568.

Mallorca Blockchaindays will be bringing those on the front lines of blockchain technology together under one roof. During this event attendees will meet startup companies, investors, cypherpunks, traders, and developers. There will be media coverage as well and is an event that takes place in Mallorca, Spain on March 22 through 24. The price for this event is $320–722.

Blockchain Summit will be the leading blockchain business event of the year. Here participants will hear from 100 speakers and see 50 exhibitions all in one day. Hear from Emmanuel Delerm, Mika Lammi, Frank Th. Merten and several others. This event is taking place March 25 and 26, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. The cost will be $0–544.

CV Summit which is now a part of CV VC ecosystem is considered the next generation investment company. With more than 1,000 people set to attend, this event is sure to be insightful. Hear from speakers from Ethereum, Aragon, and many others who have established themselves and become a part of Zug. The event will take place in Zug, Switzerland on March 27, 2019. Price for this event is $228–$2,021.

Block Hedge is a conference held on March 29, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. Here people from around the globe will discuss the future of blockchain technology and offer advice on how companies can utilize this technology into their pipeline. Gain the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about whether blockchain technology will be right for your company. The price for this event is $149.


Anon Blockchain Summit will host 80 speakers, 40 exhibitors, along with 100 investors. Here attendees will find the perfect investors for their projects as well as gain insight to the top projects that can be used with this technology. The event will be held April 2 and 3, 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The ticket price is set at $137–2,751.

Stockholm Blockchain Forum is the place to be to learn and discuss the possibilities of blockchain technology. The event will host over 30 speakers such as Cherie Aimee, Henrik Hjelte, and Aurore Blefrage. This one-day event held on April 11, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden will be the place to get knowledge and practical uses for blockchain technology. The price for this event is $470–790.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit will discuss stable coins, EU regulations, security tokens, and advances along with decentralized exchanges. There will be over 100 speakers from the best digital asset business around the world. There will be 20 events spread out over a seven-day period. Hear their stories and implement their successes. During this summit, attendees will get a chance The event will be held April 16 and 17, 2019 in Paris, France with a ticket price of $947–1,948.

Blockchain Life will be one of the biggest gatherings with over 70 countries, 80 speakers, and 120 booths for attendees to fully grasp blockchain technology. During this three-day event happening on April 23–24, 2019 in Singapore, participants will learn all they can on ways to implicate blockchain technology and learn about new developments coming in the future. The price for this event is $149–$349.

Blockchain Expo will have nearly 12,000 attendees, with over 500 speakers, 350 exhibitors, and 21 conference tracks. This will be a huge production that will bring to light all the different ways blockchain technology can help small to large businesses in any industry. There will be interactive discussions, with case studies that cover financial fields, retail, insurance, and even healthcare, government, real estate and so much more. The event will be held April 25–26, 2019 in London, UK with a ticket price of $0–1,670


Malta AI & Blockchain Summit will bring Hon. Joseph Muscat, W. Scott Stornetta, Hon. Silvio Schemri, as well as Sophia Bot the AI citizen from Hanson Robotics and many others to the stage as they discuss the practical uses for blockchain technology. This event will be happening May 23–24, 2019 in Malta which happens to be known as Blockchain Island. The price for this event is not posted, but is sure to be event attendees will never forget.

Consensus is an event happening on May 13–15, 2019 in New York, USA. During this event attendees will get to meet top influential people in the cryptocurrency world along with developers of blockchain technology. The event will have keynote speakers, booths, and much more so that companies around the globe can see for themselves what blockchain technology can do to expand their businesses and platforms. The price is $699–1,299 depending on the time of booking. Early bird special prices are available now.


Blockercon will be presenting 160 expert speakers with 23 exhibitors over three days. The event will break down everything from blockchain technology, to what the future hold for implementing this tech in society. It is an event you don't want to miss happening June 4–6, 2019 in Bristol, UK. The price for attending is $122–1,860.

Insurtech Insights will be happening June 18 and 19 in New York, USA. There isn't any information on who will be speaking during this event. The ticket price is also not mentioned. But it is worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

Blockchain Expo is going to be a huge event with over 10,000 people joining forces with 500 speakers, more than 350 exhibitors and 21 conference tracks. This event will take place on June 19 and 20 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and should not be missed by anyone wondering about the future of blockchain technology. Price for this event is $0–1,661.

Digital Banking will be going on June 19 through the 21 in Austin, Texas, USA. If anyone has ever been curious as to how blockchain can be used by regular businesses in different industries, this is the event to go to. The 30+ speakers will go into detail about how to utilize this tech to make the pipeline between customers and merchants seamless. The price for this event is $895–2,595.

Crypto Valley Conference will focus on state-of-the-art advances of blockchain technology. The keynote speakers will offer real life application and go over the technology, finances, economy, and many other ways to utilize blockchain. The event will be held June 24 through the 26 in Zug, Switzerland. The price for this event is $850.

Blockchain Summit will be presented in London, UK on June 25–26. This event is for those who missed the summit earlier in the year. With over 5,000 attendees, 80 exhibitors, and 200 speakers it will be a huge production not to be missed. Mark your calendars for this event because it will blow the roof off everything blockchain and the technology behind it. Gain deep understanding for practical uses and see how this tech will be taking over the future. The price for this event is not known, so keep an eye out for developments in the coming months.


Blockchain Summit will be the only event taking place in August 19 through the 20th in Singapore, so mark your calendars. This event will bring over 1,500 leaders from around the world to showcase real-world examples of how blockchain technology can work. There will be plenty of information and case studies showing businesses in every field how to use this amazing tech. If you missed the Blockchain Summit earlier in the year, you do not want to miss this event. The price for this event is not listed, but keep your eyes open for further developments.


Insurtech Insights has held summits in London and New York, now in November they are bringing the show to Hong Kong, China. This event will bring investors, insurers, and insurtechs to the front stage where attendees will be able to fully grasp the blockchain technology that is being developed. This event does not yet have a ticket price, but keep your eyes open for further details as it will be a huge event for startups looking for funding.

Blockchain Life will be the biggest gathering for cryptocurrency and mining in Eastern Europe and Russia. The event is scheduled for November 7 and 8th in Saint Petersburg, Russia with over 5,000. The Blockchain Life main focus will be how to make money in this industry and is a must do for investors. The price for the event is not listed, but keep your eyes peeled later on in the year.

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit will be taking place again November 7–8 in Malta so if you missed the one in May, be sure you don't miss this one. Ticket price for the fall event is not posted, but is sure to be worth paying attention to in the coming months.

Best Conferences In 2019 Conclusion

Well, there you have it. 2019 is going to be huge with over 40 conferences taking place all around the world. If you thought blockchain technology was just a fad, think again. It is the future and these events prove that big things are on the horizon.

Be sure to bookmark this Bitcoin Exchange Guide page for the Best Bitcoin and Blockchain events of 2019 as we will keep updating as we find more cryptocurrency-oriented conferences to add to this mega-list.

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