Best Ethereum News and Ether Education: Where to Get the Top Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Stories

Staying up to date in an evolving industry is the key to getting the most out of it. On January 24th, ConsenSys published a list of resources for consumers that want to remain in the loop with developments in the crypto and blockchain industry.

On this list, there are 11 resources that many of the users of the ConsenSys platform agreed are the best place to get to the news that matters during these important decisions. According to the blog post on this topic, each resource focuses on “substance over speculation and are produced by those closest to the action.”

Week in Ethereum

Week in Ethereum offers blockchain news, and is a resource for “many industry insiders,” accumulated by Evan Van Ness. The website focuses on developments with various platform, business news, a calendar of events relating to blockchain, and more. One of their recent posts was “Year in Ethereum roundup of 2018.”

MIT’s Chain Letter

MIT Technology Review puts together Chain Letter, which is published weekly and sent to subscribers’ inboxes every Tuesday and Thursday. It provides a broader focus on blockchain technology, focusing on issues that are specific to that week with academic evaluation. These newsletters are quick and concise, which ConsenSys believes will become “a healthy part of any blockchain nerd’s informational diet.”


Decrypt is straightforward and all about quality, forgoing all of the sensationalism and clickbait that tends to be prevalent for less serious media outlets. Still, it offers a sense of humor and realism about what is happening within the community, and features a Litepaper hub, offering an in-depth explanation of nearby any crypto topic that someone can imagine.


Epicenter, unlike the aforementioned sources, is a five-year old podcast with 300 sessions to date. The host regularly has guests that are major forces in the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem as a whole. ConsenSys says, “Epicenter podcasts are quite literally a primary source for what’s happening now and in the future.”


EthHub specifically focuses on “essential Ethereum information,” and does not appear to go outside of that purpose. The repository shows information on BUIDLing and tech, while the included podcasts features developers. To further promote this source, EthHub has a newsletter and a blog that posts news and updates for the community.


Breaker Mag is the project of legacy journalism “evacuees,” as ConsenSys describes. It shows current information in the progress of the blockchain technology world and does not shy away from challenging subjects that pry apart the industry to promote progress.


Kauri is an entire network of Ethereum knowledge, educating new and seasoned developers on coding and creation of various Ethereum functions. The portal encourages participants to engage with each other and developed decentralized and open-source applications.

Crypt0 News

Crypt0 News is hosted by Omar Bham, who is considered one of the most informed and least biased voices of any YouTuber that speaks on cryptocurrency. Though most vloggers focus on a particular philosophy or niche technology, Bham does it all to bring current news in cryptocurrency and blockchain.


ConsenSys calls Messari the “Swiss Army Knife of digital asset markets.” It offers many data tools and provides the Agora Research Community to connect the various users on the project. Consumers can also sign up for the daily newsletter – Unqualified Opinions.

Blockchain Library

Blockchain Library is geared more towards academic investors, offering a digital warehouse of resources, source lists, and data that need to know for more their own reports. They provide references that allow for a deep dive into economics, technology, and more.


The final addition to the list by ConsenSys is the subreddit of Ethereum. Reddit is a user-based posting website, which means that anyone from developers to the everyday user can learn about the latest changes in this space.

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