Best Of ICO's Basics

Cryptocurrency users and investors may be finding it difficult to stay on top of all of the new ICOs launching every week. Best of ICOs is a weekly email developed by a Canadian consultancy company called Durata aimed at helping potential investors sort through the endless amount of ICOs to choose the best place to invest their money.

How this service works is easy. Interested consumers simply sign up for Best of ICOs weekly emails through the website The team at Durata spends the week investigating ICOs by reading whitepapers and investing company platforms delivering a short summary by email outlining the best and worst of the week. It appears that these emails are available for free.

Durata focuses on five key areas when considering ICOs. The first consideration is the ICOs blockchain test ensuring security of transactions made across the platform. Secondly, Durata investigates each ICOs Y-Combinator Test. This test checks the startups funding source while considering upcoming challenges the platform or team may face.

Of course the development team is reviewed to ensure recommended ICOs are backed by a highly professional team of qualified developers. By considering the platforms traction the Durata team can see how many backers are involved in the idea making each platform stronger and more likely to succeed.

The last category of consideration is the transparency offered by the platform and its developers. By using these five indicators, Durata is best able to recommend ICOs that investors should pursue while discouraging ICOs that look less trustworthy.

Who Is  Behind Best Of ICO's Research & Reviews?

Based in Ontario, Canada Durata works to help support the digital currency industry by supporting new startups, offering consulting services for platform development, boost marketing efforts, and accept and manage funds from ICO events. Durata works with businesses at all stages and aims to improve the cryptocurrency market and the Ethereum network by offering guidance and support along the way.

The Durata website is easy to follow and a great resource for both for people new to cryptocurrency and those developing a current platform.

Best Of ICO's Conclusion

Consumers who are interested in staying informed about weekly ICOs will appreciate the emails made available by Durata. Most investors are busy and do not have the time in reading whitepapers in order to make investing decisions. By signing up for Durata ‘Best of ICOs' weekly emails investors can get the basic information easily without sifting through multiple websites before making an informed decision.

Additionally consumers who have an ICO they would like to have evaluated they can email Durata directly and ask for a review. Developers launching an ICO can also reach out to them for evaluation as well. If the ICO looks good, the platform may receive good advertising through this email service.

Email sign up is quick and easy through

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