Best Proof Of Stake (PoS) Coins To Earn Passive Cryptocurrency Income Rewards With This Year

    Best Cryptocurrencies For Passive Income Profit

    There are various ways to earn money in crypto business. The most common way of trading with cryptocurrencies is just one of them. More and more investors are now turning to earn passive income from, for example, just owning cryptocurrencies. We present 15 best cryptocurrencies for passive income.

    Dividends VS Mining And Masternodes

    In the beginning, it’s good to know that Mining and Masternodes are not the same as dividends. The profit that arises between the cost of the company and its revenue is actually a core of dividends. The company gains its revenue from others that share project costs. However, Mining and Masternodes do not represent profit on their own as dividends do. They are only services related to particular cryptocoin. Mining and Masternodes create new coins of the particular cryptocurrency but they are not making dividends as well.

    Dividends in crypto business can show that a particular cryptocurrency is a sustainable system that is building real value. Mining and Masternodes are systems that create new coins, secure the network and complete the crypto-coin specifications. Therefore, they don’t actually make a profit.

    A company has to create value by gaining revenue and making a profit. Only crypto dividends based on real sustainable value could be dependable and long-term.

    Staking And HOLDing

    Different cryptocurrencies offer a different way to earn passive income due to differences in their functioning and regulations.

    There are many cryptocurrencies that offer dividends. To earn money from the dividends, a user should just hold a number of crypto coins in a special wallet. In a certain dividend period, for example, each day or every quarter, the user gets a deposit to his crypto coin account. This type of wallet is different from the wallets on the exchange platforms. If you use wallet on trading platforms, the platforms get this deposit instead of coin holders.

    There are two options you can get dividends payment: staking and HOLDing.

    Staking is a term that describes holding a Proof-of-Stake (POS) coin in a certain wallet. That wallet is most commonly an official wallet of a certain cryptocurrency. For the time you hold a POS coin in the wallet, you get payments.

    HOLDing is a term that describes buying and keeping crypto coins in any wallet. Some of the best cryptocurrencies for passive income profit

    NEO And GAS

    Also known as “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO is a cryptocurrency that supports smart contracts, ICOs and DAPPS. A Chinese company On chain from Shangai developed Ant shares that was later rebranded to NEO.

    Besides NEO, there is another coin GAS which can be held in the same wallet as NEO and provides passive income. To receive GAS as dividends, the user has to keep NEO in the special wallet because not all wallets support GAS revenue. From all exchange platforms, only Binance and Kucoin accept staking GAS. Therefore, it’s best to find a wallet on an official NEO website. The user also doesn’t have to keep his wallet open all the time, unlike other PoS cryptocurrencies.

    NEO pays its coin-holders a reward known as NeoGAS. NeoGAS price is around 44.5 dollars at the moment. There is also an annual return of 4-6% for NEO stakeholders that can be calculated here.

    PundiX (NPXS)

    PundiX developers are building an open source end-to-end system to make general adoption of cryptocurrencies faster and more practical. They rely on POS terminals, mobile applications and smart cards to enable using cryptocurrencies to everyone.

    Investors can buy 1.5 million NPXS coins for 1000 dollars, which returns 223 dollars per year, or around 22.8% yield.

    Komodo (KMD)

    Komodo is a code fork of Zcash. It’s a cryptocurrency that tends to increase privacy, security, and decentralization in their blockchain network rather than competing with other cryptocurrencies.

    Investors can buy 1050 KMD for 1000 dollars. That returns 50 dollars per year, or 5% yield.

    Nuls (NULS)

    Nuls is a global open-source project based on the blockchain. The total supply of NULS is 100 million.

    Investors can buy 2500 NULS for 1000 dollars which returns 150 dollars per year.

    Decred (DCR)

    The origins of Decred are related to Bitcoin. It has its own governing body Politeia. DCR coin holders can gain rewards for holding coins in a system similar to the lottery. To increase the chance of winning a reward, investors can put their tokens in a staking pool.

    Users can buy 109 DCR for 1800 dollars to get 225 dollars of yearly revenue.

    VeChain (VET, THOR)

    There are two cryptocurrencies in the VeChain network: VET and THOR. VET is intended for companies as a digital currency they could use on the blockchain. Similar to NEO and GAS, VET coinholders will also get THOR for smart contracts and blockchain applications.


    NavCoin holders keep their coins in an easy-to-use Core Wallet. Investors gain around 5% yield per year with no effort at all.


    Lisk is similar to Bitcoin and Bitshares, but use delegated Proof of Stake instead of regular PoS or PoW. However, only 101 investors with the most LISKs can participate in making decisions and rewarding system.


    ARK coinholders can get as much as 10% dividends in every few days. A total number of coins is 128 694 286. There are 97 444 286 coins circulating at the moment.

    ReddCoin (RDD)

    To invest in RDD, users should get the official wallet and load their private keys. After 8 hours, users start staking and earning RDD. Rewards are about 5% per year.

    KuCoin (KCS)

    KuCoin Shares holders can get a KuCoin Bonus every day. They get 50% of the total KuCoin exchange trading fees depending on how much coins they hold. When coin number and price increase on the KuCoin exchange, the bonus increases as well.

    ZenCash (ZEN)

    There are two types of Masternodes in ZenCash: A-Secure nodes and B-Secure nodes B. For A-Secure nodes, the user needs to have 42 ZEN and gets 3.5% share in return. B-Secure node investors get 10% of the total mining reward.

    Bridge Coin

    Bridge Coin is a revenue sharing system. It gives the coin-holders stakes to become a partial owner of DEX and a share of 50% trading revenue.

    DigixDAO (DGX)

    DGX coins represent a share of the gold that DigixDAO company stores. DigixDAO earns profits from storing gold and creates dividends. They share dividends with their coin holders. In the begging of 2018, DGX grew more than 50% while Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped.


    Investor earns stakes by holding any amount of PIVX in his digital wallet. To win rewards and participate in voting, investors don’t need 10000 PIVX anymore. Every 60 seconds, the user has the chance to win a reward. Chances depend on the number of coins an investor has but the wallet has to be open and online.


    For example Neblio, Ontology, Tezos, PayFair, etc.

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