Are you worried that your Bitcoin transactions can be traced? As many governmental organizations and even private parties have started to track people using Bitcoin, it was clear to the world that Bitcoin was not so anonymous anymore. Because of this sites like have been created.

What Is BestMixer?

By using, you will be able to mix (or tumble, if you prefer the term) your cryptos to make your transactions anonymous. This service can give you more security without having to use another type of cryptocurrency like Monero, for instance. is compatible with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

BestMixer Features

The main feature of this site is being a truly anonymous Bitcoin mixer. By using a Coin Anonymization tool, it mixes the coins. You can use the site on Tor and it is secured by SSL technology. No information about the users is stored for more than 72 hours and it has an API for developers that can be used to integrate’s services with other platforms.

The service has multilingual options and a user-friendly interface that can be information while being very easy to use. You can use up to four different types of tokens, as stated before, and the payouts are fully transparent to you (but to you only). Finally, there is also 24/7 support service.

How BestMixer Bitcoin Mixing & Bitcoin Tumbling Service Works

Basically, the main goal of this site is to break the connections of the coins sent to the site with the address that is receiving them. This helps to break the transactions record of the coins and thus it allows the individuals to remain anonymous.

When you sent the coins to the company, they will shuffle them in a pool with the cryptocurrencies of the company and you will receive some random coins from this pool. This will make them untraceable.

How To Use BestMixer?

You can use the site by using your wallet to transfer the tokens that you want to be mixed. No information or even account creation is required to mix the tokens. A fee of 0.5% plus a mining fee is charged every time that you shuffle your tokens, so take that into account and know that it will be more expensive to shuffle a small number of tokens than a large one because of the miner’s fees.

Also, if you mix more coins, you can have discounts on the service fees. By shuffling 10 ETH, for instance, you will have to pay only 0.35% instead of 0.5%. The highest discount is get by shuffling more than 100 tokens, 0.25%. The time that it takes to mix the tokens vary but it might take some minutes.

If you want to use the service more than once, you have to wait 24 hours before you use’s services again for security reasons. The minimum amount of tokens that can be shuffled is 0.005 independently of the token.

The project is also accepting donations, so if you want to help it, donate.

Should You Really Mix Your Bitcoins With BestMixer?

That really depends on you. There are arguments against and in favor of doing that. Because of this, you have to ask yourself whether you make a significant number of transactions and whether someone would be slightly interested in your transactions or not before you decide if using this service is a good idea or not.

BestMixer Conclusion

If you are not doing anything illegal with your cryptocurrencies, you should not really be worried that the government might trace you but in any case, if you can’t help but to feel worried, your best bet would be to use this service. The fees are not exaggerated and the service does look trustworthy.

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