With the rise of the cryptocurrencies, we have had the advent of various products and services that make use of the blockchain network. For starters, there are various data sharing platforms that are coming up that make use of decentralised operation, thereby proving to be more secure and monetarily beneficial. In a similar vein, many casinos are also wising up to the fact that currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum might be the future of the global economy. As a result of this, many of them are making it possible for users to gamble using crypto.

What Is BetBit?

Betbit has been described as the ‘world’s first online casino to feature the use of the increasingly popular crypto currency bitcoin’. When looked at more closely, we can find that all wagers are exclusively made using bitcoin currency from players who are from registered countries. At this point it is also beneficial to mention that players in the United States are not allowed to make use of BeBit due to certain regulatory laws present in the legal system.

Key Aspects Of BetBit

Simple And Easy To Use:

To get started all one needs is an ‘online wallet’ that contains funds that are ready to be used. Betbit uses a public “Bitcoin Address”, thereby making transactions and bet placement extremely easy.

Convenient Betting:

Unlike conventional betting sites that have a whole load of restrictions and complications when it comes to placing monetary bets, Bebit is extremely easy to use and all users have to do is enter the deposit amount along with the casino’s “Bitcoin Address” to place a bet.

Simple Withdrawal System:

So many betting sites are known to be dodgy when it comes time to allow an individual to withdraw his/her money. However, with Bebit we can access our funds extremely easily. All we have to do is enter the withdrawal amount and our own public “Bitcoin Address”. Once this is done, there will be an immediate transaction that will finalize the payment.

Fast And Efficient:

As mentioned earlier, all deposits and withdrawals are completed within just a matter of minutes. Even this small time that we have to wait is due to the fact that sometimes the block chain might be overcrowded, thereby causing a slight delay in money exchange. According to BeBit “10 minutes is normally the most any transaction takes to be completed when using Bitcoins”.

Other Important Details

No Surcharge/ Fee:

While many online gambling sites are known to charge small amounts as a ‘premium/ surcharge’. Bebit charges no fees whatsoever, be it depositing or withdrawing funds. This is because the platform uses Bitcoins, and thus there are absolutely no hidden costs involved in the process at all.

Variety Of Gaming Options:

Users have the freedom to play roulette, baccarat as well as other dealer games. Not only that, bitcoins can also be used to play with real dealers in a host of ‘live games’. Additionally, there are many blackjack tables available that feature a full screen High Definition single seat variation that allow for a submersive gaming experience.

Joining BetBit

Interested users can sign up on the official BetBit web page by filling out the form and providing certain documentation that is required to validate our identity. Once the initial formalities have been taken care of, users can then proceed to stock up their bitcoin wallet and start gambling.


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