An Honest Review Of BetCoin

It is time you added cryptocurrencies straight to your pocket wallet, and this has been made possible with the BetCoin platform. The platform has been designed in a very unique way as it is able to put the cryptocurrencies in your pocket wallet thanks to the debit card. So this means you are able to pay for you every day needs using your cryptocurrencies thanks to this platform.

What Is BetCoin?

BetCoin has been designed in a way it is able to offer you debit card services for your cryptocurrencies. The platform allows the cryptocurrency adopters the ability to pay for their daily needs with the use of cryptocurrencies. BetCoin platform utilizes the smart comparison matrixes to make all this possible.

The matrixes provide the platform with the best conversion rates straight to the card users. The platform further facilitates the fast cryptocurrency conversions to USD, and from here to other fiat currency. A significant new development for all the crypto lovers out there.

The BetCoin wallet is able to support various currencies; this is from BTC, Ripple, ETH, Litecoin and even Dogecoin. The wallet also features an in-app cryptocurrency conversion, fast cryptocurrency transfers and you are also provided with an option where you could either lock or unlock your debit card.

BetCoin Cryptocurrency Debit Card Payments Features

The platform has been designed with several desirable features, some of which have been discussed below.

The platform will offer the various users real-time currency conversion. What this, it means that you are able to get instant cryptocurrency conversions thanks to the debit card. It is because the debit card has been designed with a smart conversion matrix that is able to identify the best conversion rates that are available on the global exchanges.

There is also peer to peer cryptocurrency transfers. You have the ability to freely send, exchange and receive cryptocurrencies from your friends and family.

The platform is able to support multiple currencies. What this means to you is that you are able to store your coins in a single wallet for your daily use.

There is also a native cryptocurrency exchange. This means you are able to trade your coins with the native exchange, and from this, you are able to enjoy special transaction fees, and some discounts with the BETC coins.

BetCoin  BETC Token & ICO Details

The BETC tokens have been designed in the best method possible, so you are sure they adhere to the ERC20 standards. Also when we keep in mind the type of technology that is backing this coin be sure you are getting the best. Not forgetting the BETC tokens are also compatible with the Ethereum blockchain wallet.

If you're interested in being part of the ICO, it will only take you three easy steps. The first step you will need to do is register on the site, from here you will get whitelisted after you have fully completed your KYC. The third step is participating in the presale and crowd sale, then just wait to receive your BETC tokens at the end of the crowd sale.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • BETC – Betcoin Token Symbol
  • ERC20(Ethereum) – BETC Standard
  • 12,55,00000 Token Issued
  • $2.5 Million Soft Cap
  • $7.23 Million Hard Cap
  • PRE-ICO May 4, 2018 – May 14, 2018$0.12
  • Price 50% Discount

BetCoin Conclusion

Many individuals are investing in the crypto market, and with this, an investor tends to have a couple of different coins they have acquired. Thus having a platform that will allow you to make payments using these coins and still be able to have all your coins in just a single wallet seems like a dream come true. So if you are also blown away by this also ensure to purchase the BETC token, as it is one that will take you places.

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