Betex ICO

For a long time, brokers have ripped investors off their investment in binary options trading. Many investment opportunities have been lost due to the rip-off. Investors have looked away to opt for other investment opportunities.

Betex has come as a transparent platform in the binary trading investment sector. They have come to draw back people’s interest in the investment practice. They plan to achieve this by removing rip off caused by brokers, thus leading to an open-system trading option that people can be a part of.

This transparency option will reduce the evil carried out by brokers before. The rip off has made investors lose a lot of money due to greed and refusal to follow confidentiality agreements exhibited by brokers.

Even though experts believed binary trading options was more of gambling, investors still trooped in. The main reason is the low entry investment barrier – you can start with $20, which is quite low for an investment opportunity. Just like sports betting, there are a lot of forecasting involved.

With the low entry fee, investors who trade in binary options, assume a possible future value of assets through thorough forecasting as stated above. They hope the market favors them so they can make enough profit from the deal and earn as high as 85% of Return on Investment (R.O.I). Unfortunately, they sometimes lose both capital and any possibility of R.O.I which is why the investment practice is considered risky.

Brokers made it more difficult for investors due to regular cases of a data breach, greed, unclear lectures on possible risks and capitalizing on investor’s losses. These acts have made investors to lose interest in binary options trading.


Betex is an ICO-funding binary option peer-to-peer trading platform that makes use of Ethereum’s smart contract. Their aim is to remove the corruption in the investment practice by providing a transparent and fair platform. The transparency platform will allow traders to trade against each other and not against brokers thus removing the negative system brought in by brokers.

To ensure total transparency and fairness, Betex will not be involved in trading but will earn money from charging service fees. Since they are not involved in trading, they can't manipulate trading or outcome of trading.

The common liquidity pool concept is shown through the company’s MVPs (Minimal Viable Products). This is made available on – and a peer-to-peer betting website – On the MVP network, there at three trading pairs and 6 trading intervals structured. They will be commercially launched for Q2 of 2018 after the Betex Token pre-sale.

After successful trading, payment is instantly released by Ethereum’s smart contracts directly into your Ether wallet. Investors/traders can immediately make a withdrawal from their wallets without delay.

The Betex platform operates on a public blockchain technology – users can have access to full functionality of the platform without making any initial deposit. This is another advantage to be on the Betex platform.

You can visit the company’s official website to read about their white paper and token sales conditions –

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