The idea of creating an online sports betting platform came up in 2006, but there was one daunting challenge. How could it unite both the Eastern and Western gaming markets under one platform? Well, this question inspired the birth of, which is a truly innovative concept. It is designed to understand the users’ needs, speak their language, and provide them with a unique online gambling experience.

What Is BetPhoenix?

BetPhoenix caters for a wide audience that includes Vietnamese, English, Chinese, and Spanish speaking customers. When you play with BetPhoenix, there is completely no language barrier. The platform offers it all—from sports betting to horse racing exhilaration. Besides, they were the pioneers of live dealer casino games and they continue to set the pace for the rest of the industry.

The platform is for users looking for quality sports betting in their language, dealing with a wide variety of sports, horse racing, and casino offerings. BetPhoenix also comes with a secure online platform, a mobile or call center ideal for all users.

How BetPhoenix Bet With Bitcoin & Crypto Gambling Works


To begin with, you choose Bitcoin as the funding method and transfer it to your account. Where necessary, bonuses and promotions can apply but instead of dollar amount, it displays the amount in Bitcoin currency.


When you start betting, just use Bitcoin as you would any other currency. Once your account is funded, the balance displays in your account and you can place your bets. Besides, the platform has made it easier for users to know their balances, so for their convenience it will reflect in the currency they are used to.


The platform makes it easier for users to withdraw their money in Bitcoin. The currency will be withdrawn at the day’s BTC exchange rate. Since the rates are prone to fluctuation, users can benefit from it when it is higher than when they made the deposit.

BetPhoenix Advantages

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is free from control and manipulation by any authority or central government. If your operations have been limited by government, an international banking system, credit card company, or anyone that tries to limit the way you store and use money, then Bitcoin is the better option.

Here are some of the advantages of using Bitcoin for betting:

Easy Mobile Payments

Users can pay with their Bitcoin using their mobile devices with a simple, 2-step scan-and-pay process. Users can make Bitcoin payment by scanning a QR code that enables them to withdraw their bitcoin from their wallet. There’s no need for them to sign u, as they simply need to swipe the card, enter their PIN, or sign anything. Alternatively, they can copy and paste the platform’s Bitcoin address to their wallets in order to process the transfer of funds.

Total Security And Control

Bitcoin payments are secured by military encryption. No one can make a payment on behalf of the user. Once the wallet is safe, the money is equally safe and protected against most types of fraud.


Contrary to banks, users can access their money any time, since Bitcoin network is always open. In addition, users can make payment to any part of the world securely and faster.

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