With the rise of Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies, the market for gambling with cryptocurrency also expanded. Online gambling is common for about a few years, but playing using cryptocurrency has been increasingly popular recently.

Do you know the best sites for online gambling with cryptocurrency? There are many of them, so it is hard to pick just one. To help you find the best online gambling site, the one that could be perfect for you, we will review BetStreak today.

What is BetStreak?

BetStreak is an Asian gambling company founded in 2016. You probably would not notice that the company is made by non-English speakers, though, as they have a site in English that you can use, as well as the Chinese language.

The company offers a broad range of games that you can play. There are several games that you can play for free and many options for casino games and card games. There are plenty of options, so you can sure that you will find something that you like on the site.

More games are added to the site from time to time, so you can visit frequently to discover what is new.

How Does BetStreak Work?

All of the games on the site work using a Randon Number Generator approved by Curacao. The company states that their games are fair and that the users do not risk being scammed while using the site.

Many games can be played for free on the site without the need to register, but if you want to gamble using your money, you will have to register.

The registration process is easy. You only need to choose a username and use a valid email address. No more information is needed to sign in. To play, you can use either Bitcon or fiat currencies like USD and EUR. If you deposit at least 20 USD or 0.05 BTC you will receive a bonus.

How to Invest in BetStreak?

There two ways to invest in BetStreak. One of them by buying their new tokens. The company will have an ICO soon. There are still no dates defined, as well as price, but the site states that the tokens can be bought using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The funds will be used to develop the site more and reach a broader audience.

Another to invest in BetStreak is by promoting the site. First, you have to register on the site and then you will be provided with the tools to promote the site. After you do that, you will eventually receive revenues from the profit of the site. The company states that 25% of their profit goes to the promoters of the site and that the revenue is split among them.

The Betstreak Verdict

Is this the perfect gambling site for you? BetStreak certainly looks like a very secure option for gamblers. Unfortunately, the site only allows Bitcoin, so people that do not use this kind of cryptocurrency will have to use fiat money or change their cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin if they want to play.

BetStreak has a great variety of games, so you will not be bored soon. Their games look fair and the staff is easy to talk to, so the site seems to be a nice option.

Only you can say if BetStreak will be the perfect gambling site for you, but it certainly looks like a solid and secure option.

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