Bettergram: New Cryptocurrency Community Messaging App

Bettergram Is An Updated Crypto-Based Telegram For Mac

Bettergram was launched this week. This software is a desktop version of Telegram designed for Mac. Now, this version joins the prior third-party Telegram desktop client and will soon be followed by mobile editions of Bettergram.

What is new about it? Other than being official, it was specially designed for the cryptocurrency community and has several upgrades like a built-in crypto price checker.

The Best Version of Telegram

It is no secret that Telegram has served as the crypto community’s preferred hangout for recent years. Many ICO and trading groups are using Telegram and it has been very important for the crypto market so far.

For all its problems, and it surely has them, frequent downtimes and not being able to disable noisy groups, as well as lack of customization, are the most frequents complaints, Telegram is still the go-to app for group conversations. No other platform has ever matched Telegram’s versatility for what the app was made for.

Bettergram is an update of all that, essentially being a fork of the Telegram client. This new version solves some of the common problems that users have on the platform while having the functionality of a desktop app.

One of the innovations of Bettergram is that now you can participate in up to 50 chats instead of just 5 like it was before. You can also filter your conversations better and choose favorites. Now, uploaded images will be displayed in-line instead of being in a file, which is also something that the users complained before.

Built-in For Crypto Price Checking

As Telegram was popular with the crypto community, a new feature was built specially for them. Now will be able to quickly view the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization at any time without having to leave the app.

Just click on the emoji button in the bottom right of the chat and you will see four tabs. Most of them are basically emojis, GIFs and stickers, but the prices tab takes data from Live Coin Watch and it displays there for you. However, the tab is not customizable at the moment.

Bettergram is an open source project and you can check the code for yourself, if you want to. The code has already been audited and no severe problems or bugs were found. However, you should always be careful when installing new software, especially if you hold cryptocurrencies on your computer.

Compared to Chrome, Bettergram does not use a lot of RAM of CPU power, so it is a viable alternative for Telegram users who want more customization or users who do not have powerful desktop computers.

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