BETTERGRAM is a digital communication platform built using the telegram GPI. The platform has additional features as opposed to Telegram and can enable users to pin as much as 50 chats, which is far beyond the usual 5 pins of Telegram. In addition, the platform provides users with direct message tabs, group tabs, and announcement tabs that make the user stay organized.

Users also have the ability to keep a track of the crypto market with live coin watch pressing data. The platform is compatible with telegram and users can chat with as much as over 200 million telegram users.

Features On The Platform

The main goal of Bettergram is to help members remain as organized as possible. Just like the Telegram, Bettergram has a search menu that enables users to find other members on the platform and can finally pin up to 50 chats instead of 5 chats. It also has a convoy chain that makes users to remain highly organized.

When users tap on announcement sub-menus like pin to top, add to favorites, view channel information, disable notifications, search for messages and leave channel appear. Your ‘last seen’ appears just below the envoy chain menu. The main menu bar allows users to filter by favorites group, dms, or announcements. Users can also add important conversations to their favorite’s tabs. The platform also has a live coin watch, which members use to view real time crypto prices. Finally, the platform boasts an excellent security.

How It Works

API address with open source code plus a few modifications on the platform allows users to access a more organized interface. Members still have the opportunity to create new accounts through their servers.

According to the GNU 3.0 license terms, the platform is 100% open source thus members can easily download clients. Members can then install the platform’s software and download Bettergram on Mac and PC free of charge. Finally, members can login using their existing accounts or decide to create new telegram accounts

Bettergram: New Cryptocurrency Community Messaging App

Your Questions Answered

Is Bettergram Safe To Install?

Bettergram team holds security issues so dear to them to an extent that they have hired two independent code auditors to review their Github commits. Moreover, the cryptocurrency community members Allie Z volunteered to review the code. Since it is an open source platform, members are free to view it. Interested members can view the terms, conditions, and privacy policy for more information.

What Information Does Bettergram Store?

Bettergram is purposely designed to secure the details of the user. The platform stores in your machine all the information concerning your favorites and pinned chats. Users’ email is not linked to their telegram accounts. The only reason why the platform stores your email is to send you their crypto newsletter.

How Do You Make Money?

At the top of the client lies an obtrusive text bar, which will be used to make advertisements and software announcements. A paid upgrade is expected by the platform to weed out sponsored messages.

Is Bettergram Available For Mac?

On August 3, 2018, the platform launched the Mac version of Bettergram. The team is currently working on the iOS and the Android version, which will be launched upon completion.

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