Betting Exchange Service PVP.ME Brings in Nano (NANO) For Less Wait Time.docx

PVP.ME provides the opportunity for customers to participate in a person-to-person betting exchange online. Within their platform, the possibility of winning is determined by the players, rather than the bookmaker. They recently added a low-latency payment platform called NANO to their website, which will help the users exchange funds faster and minimize their fees to do so.

The plan is for PVP.ME to use the NANO Block-lattice technology for these improvements, which are all performed on a betting exchange model already. By reducing the waiting time for users to get paid, customers can continue with their betting servings with nearly real-time balances in their digital wallets. This speed is greatly beneficial for the website, considering that they normally have about 4 million bets for their monthly traffic. Over 150,000 registered users perform those bets.

Originally, PVP.ME was created with the intention of allowing customers to place bets within the Esports market. However, the problem they ran into initially was the ability to find a platform that allowed the users to quickly place bets and deposit tokens without having to wait. In order to be accurate bets, each transaction has to be posted in real time for each moment of the game.

The platform has gained such popularity that the creators were invited to present it at SIGMA iGaming in Malta. As they participated in the event, they realized the additional need for blockchain to keep up to speed with their transactions. With more research, they discovered block lattice technology, which eventually led them to NANO, since they are the only provider of it.

With, PVP.ME is working to integrate NANO on their platform. With instant transfers and no fees, the users and the company can both greatly benefit. The CEO of PVP.ME, Yurk Kolesnik, released the following statement:

“Today has been a really vital step for PVP.ME, we are adopting a new technology called block lattice which would allow us to develop and improve our products. Users can receive and send funds instantly without any transaction fee by using NANO.”

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