Unlike the traditional financial markets, the cryptocurrency market has plenty of ups and downs. Hence, any investing in cryptocurrency means it is necessary always to have access to your crypto finances at all times. Here is where crypto wallet's come in. And if you are keen enough, you would recognize that the crypto industry is full of them. However, not all these wallets appropriately care for the crypto trader's need, and as such it is necessary to always get a review before using one. As such here's a summary of one unique wallet

What Is Bewa?

BEWA Space is an advanced software wallet that seeks to allow users to manage their portfolio on any compatible screen or device they want. The wallet will allow seamless access between devices by creating a connective feature through your smartphone's wireless capability. That is unlike other wallets that only work with the paired device you have enlisted as appropriate. Other wallet modules such as Jaxx or Exodus only work with the paired device, and this may present an inconvenience to the user.

What Bewa Offers

Trading Options

BEWA Space prides of possessing an expanded interface that will allow the user to trade using any screen wirelessly through the mobile phone. All these are capable without the need for extra installation necessary.

Secure Interface

The identity and wallet of the user remain securely on the mobile phone, and no connected screen will have traces of the expanded interface.

Swap Trading

Using the Shapeshift technology, BEWA Space will possess a fast lighting interface for fast trading for the users. The technology will further allow for the fast connective between the screens.

How Bewa Crypto Exchange Wallet App Works

Typical crypto wallets only work with the device you have connected with, and this is often the smartphone or a desktop application on the PC. BEWA's Space wallet is offering a completely different portfolio developed on mirroring technology that will allow the user to cast an interactive screen on other desktop's or even on a smart tv form your smartphone. In short, the wallet works on a concept much similar to Google Cast but possesses an extended interactive functionality.

Bewa Blockchain Extended Wireless App Benefits

Safety Of Data

By using a fully encrypted API (Application program interface), BEWA Space assures no private user data is left on the interactive screen the wallet connects to during use.

Expanded Management

The possibility of linking with different screen devices allow BEWA Space users to develop their portfolio management on multiple platforms and at their convenience.

Portfolio Tracking

BEWA Space release will feature the provision of several portfolio tracking features like transactions, and cast their wallet interface for an advanced view on their cryptocurrencies

Interactive Cast

The interactive feature will allow not only seamless trading but also a sophisticated, comprehensive look of all cryptocurrencies on a better screen.

Full Exchange

BEWA hope to provide a full exchange with additional integration for private key management and tokens exchange on a desktop interface

Bewa Conclusion

There is no denying that the concept of BEWA's wallet remains unique especially on the mirroring technology that could see users enjoy the comfort of accessing their wallets through other screens. However, the wallet is still in its development stage, but it remains a wallet to look out for in the future.

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