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One of the leading driving factors to the current hype in blockchain is the reputable distributed nature of the technology. Under a blockchain-based system, there are plenty of benefits, and it is only time before venture start offering alternative blockchain platforms for our video content. Before Seen Screen in an example of a use case which is arguably already working to detail every video that you watch. Here's how

About Beyond Seen Screen

Beyond Seen Screen is a blockchain-based platform that aims to create an interactive video content framework where the user will go beyond watching passively. Thanks to blockchain technology, Beyond Seen Screen will allow the content creators and distributors to link their video content with the relevant additional information. Consequently, the viewers will not only passively watch the trailers, or other video content but also get to trace back any background details they may want by using their mobile devices.

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Beyond Seen Screen Platform Features

  • Permission marketing: users get the chance to interact with their viewers through the permission marketing option to personalize their advertisement and marketing in the videos
  • Content contribution: viewers get to unleash their popular or high-quality content on the platform
  • Content shopping: go online shopping and get to purchase the products or services on display in the video content
  • Entertainment and information: access content related video content, games, and other entertainment content with additional replays and saving options

How the Video Content Site Works

Beyond Seen Screen enables the members to use their smartphones to scan the video content on any screen and get in-depth information on the content. From the video scanning, the BSS ecosystem works to recognizes the video by establishing its original digital footprint. The info gets forwarded to the viewer and displayed in the app

Why Use The BSS token?

  • Royalty protection favorite video content creators, will need not worry about potential fraud regarding royalties since every distributor is aware of the original owner
  • Rewards for Beyond Seen Screen members who contribute popular or interactive video contents
  • Promotion of creative video productions through the crypto-based payable incentives
  • Efficient digital advertising options for video content distributors looking to interact with their viewers
  • Secure distribution of the video content allow Beyond Seen Screen users to eliminate chances of piracy which is a significant pain in digital video content distribution

Could Beyond Seen Screen Make a Relevant Footprint?

Beyond Seen Screen portrays blockchain as going beyond the typical notion of digital currencies. Whether the venture becomes a success is not a sure guarantee since blockchain-related innovations are still facing regulation especially in use of cryptocurrency. However, despite the hype, there is still plenty to explore and monitor for individuals in the video content industry and general media.

BSS Token Details and Sale

Pre-sale: Starts from 4th June 2018 till 24 June 2018
ICO Sale: Begins 2nd July till 8th July 2018

Bonus Rate For Early Investors

  • Pre-sale-40%
  • Stage 1-20%
  • Stage 2-10%
  • Stage 3-0%

BSS ICO Details

  • Name- BSSX
  • Standard- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1 BSSX= 0.0001 ETH
  • Supply amount- 340,050,000 BSSX
  • Hard cap- 18,000 ETH
  • Soft cap- 2,000 ETH
  • Minimum participation- 0.1 ETH

Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale- 60%
  • Core team- 20%
  • Business development- 9%
  • Bounty pool- 4%
  • Advisors- 7%

Use Of Funds

  • Product development- 35%
  • Business development- 22%
  • Marketing- 25%
  • General costs-3%
  • Operational-12%
  • Cryptocurrency exchange- 3%

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