BGC Token

This is a UK-based firm that deals in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The company is renowned for offering the best spot prices in the market as well as being efficient in business. BGC desires to further enhance their reputation in the industry, and they intend to achieve this by conducting a crowdsale during which BGC Token sales will go live. According to the ICO’s blueprint, the profits are set to quadruple after the token sale, resulting in even higher remunerations to the public in exchange for their precious metals. By doing this, the company will gain traction in the market, thus increasing numbers in its client base.

Key Objectives Of BGC

Improving The Spot Price

With a spot price of 93%, Birmingham Gold Company is the market leader, paying at least 3% more than its closest competitor. Nonetheless, BGC remains relentless in the pursuit of perfection. The ultimate goal is to improve the spot price to 99%, a milestone that will increase the firm’s turnover and profitability as a result. Hence, an average trader selling their gold will receive up to a 5% increment on the reimbursement.

Marketing The High Spot Price

After successfully raising the spot price, BGC will delve into promoting the same. After all, what good will the spot price be if there are no clients to capitalize on it? The campaign will primarily focus on the UK, European countries and the United States. The main selling point will be the chance of making more money than they are currently getting in exchange for gold and silver.

Adoption Of Cryptocurrency Payment Methods On BGC’s Website

Once the above mentioned objectives are attained, BGC will develop an exchange platform that will integrate the use of digital currencies in the precious metal business. Consequently, users will have the choice of transacting either in fiat or in virtual money. This, however, is still in developmental phases.


The Birmingham Gold Token is based on the Waves Platform and cannot be re-issued. A total of 210 million tokens have been minted, and 189 million (90%) will be up for sale in the ICO. The crowdsale will occur once interested parties place orders on the Waves Exchange. The tokens will not be available before 1st November 2018.

BGC Token Birmingham Gold & Silver Tokens Conclusion

Owners of the BGC token will have unfettered access to transactions over the Waves exchange ecosystem, known as DEX. They will freely exchange BGC into Bitcoin, Ethereum, US Dollars, and Euros and so on.

Waves operates similarly to Bitcoin and Ethereum, albeit being in existence for only two years. Moreover, it is lighter, faster and more responsive as compared to the two leading cryptocurrencies. Currently, the market capitalization for Waves is a whopping $1.2 billion. BGC settled for Waves due to its trustworthiness in the volatile virtual currency markets. The impudence of placing hopes on a relatively new player in the sector seems to be paying off, as the bigwigs such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have undergone a turmoil in recent times.

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  1. GramGold 14/03/2018 We have ended the token sale due to the massive negative publicity re ICOs in general . The token swap will not be going ahead as the BGC/GGT token project has been abandoned due to lack of support…. we are sorry but this project is over.


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