`It is no secret that digital currencies are currently taking the world by storm. However, before jumping onto the bandwagon, it is imperative to be verse with industry’s jargon as well as its risks. That said, information about ICOs, through which cryptocurrencies are traded, is relatively scanty on the internet. Besides a few blogs, there is little information, with tutorials being conspicuous absentees.

After noticing this scarcity of information on virtual currency, BICO used this opening as a chance to create a business. They published a book on ICOs, based on their real-life, first-hand experiences. While the current goal of the project is to each investors on ICOs, they plan to plant trees in the future.

The BICO Guidebook

The book is the first of its kind worldwide, in that it is funded by an ICO. Since the beginning of the year, ICOs have generated a whopping $500 billion. Clearly, there lies an untapped wealth of resources within these offerings. Using a token utility, prospective users will learn of the virtual currency market by buying this book.

Within the guide, there is extensive coverage of previously successful ICOs, from which greenhorns can learn. Secondly, while buying the book, clients will be actively participating in an ICO, giving them a chance to witness how the experts do it. This is a chance to acquire practical skills before knowing of the theoretical aspects from the book.

Once you are through with the book, users are encouraged to put their knowledge into practice. The easiest way to do this is through sharing. Initially, the book will be available through the Crowdsale, at a slightly discounted price for those who buy using BICO Tokens. Later on, interested parties can get it on popular book-selling platforms across the globe.

BICO Token Distribution

BICO Tokens are dealt in Ethereum, with one BICO being the equivalent of 0.000059 ETH. During the Crowdsale, a total of 2.5 million token swill be put up for sale. The presale event is open to subscribed and registered members only, with exclusive discounts on offer. Clients who buy over 1500 tokens have the option to exchange their tokens for the guidebook.

Below is an overview of the token sale:

  • Crowdsale begins – 20th October 2017
  • Crowdsale ends – 20th December 2017
  • Platform –ERC20
  • Token symbol – BICO

Distribution Of BICO Funds

Beside the 2.5 million tokens on ICO sale, an equal number will be put aside as reserve. From the crowdsale, the company intends to generate $47,200, which will distributed using the criteria stipulated below;

  • $35,000 will go towards the writing of the book.
  • $1,000 is allocated for design and branding.
  • Developing a webpage will cost $2,000.
  • Communication and networking will take up $4,200.
  • $5,000 will work towards engineering development.

BICO Conclusion

This guidebook has come in the proverbial ‘time of need’. Hence, apart from being an obvious depiction of its publisher’s ingenuity, it will significantly help novices to get a grasp of the complex virtual currency subject. Therefore, users should not hesitate on grabbing a copy as its contents could prove invaluable in the near future.

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