Every system has its strengths. Banks are generally reputed to be long standing thus mixing it with Blockchain technology will prove its importance in facilitating currency transfers in a safe, swift and transparent manner. Similarly, commodity exchanges and payments processing services have streamlined certain transactions, but none of them have truly solved the problem of certifying a person’s identity.

BidiPass has an objective to combine and build on the strengths of each of these institutions, while breaking barriers to facilitate the smooth flow of information.

About BidiPass

BidiPass is an all new digital identity authentication platform that is secure, accessible and inexpensive to implement and use. One of its finest feature is that it is applicable to any process of authentication, either onsite or online. It can be used to authenticate people, for tracking objects and to be used in Smartphones as personal security token.
The platform uses Bidikey product to work. With a system that uses Public Key Cryptography and two-dimensional codes to manage the digital

Secure Cryptography: They have a secure accreditation system which identity of people and objects, it is both secure and easy to use. The information contained in two dimensional codes can only be decrypted through the personal Smartphone where their application is located, thereby causing the authentication of both the service provider and users.

Features of BidiPass

  • Secure Cryptography: They have a secure accreditation system based on standard public key cryptography.
  • Reduced costs: As he implementation system is fast easy and affordable, it reduces the costs to the industry.
  • Simple operations: The simplified operation process prevents the possibility of operation rejections, in addition to facilitating the control of operations to users.
  • Mobile App: They have a mobile application option to activate personal services or authentication of them as a safety factor.
  • Online Banking: BidPass allows access and use of Online banking in a secure and protected way via PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Convenience and peace of mind: You don’t have to store any cards in your profile and neither do you have to remember any passwords. This takes a lot of unnecessary baggage off the customer’s shoulders. They even securely encrypt your communications which gives you a heightened sense of security.

How Does BidiPass Work

The method consists of the following steps:

The user’s mobile device is provided with a two-dimensional code. The information in that code includes the encrypted original data which is composed of an encrypted session key for certification of the user’s service provider.

The mobile device captures the image of the two-dimensional code. The mobile device retains the two dimensional code from the image which is then converted to character code. It obtains the original data including the session key for certifying the user with respect to the service provider from said charter code, by applying a decryption process.


They have already proved that they can design an attribute based encryption schemes which can be combined with identity based encryption. Secure authentication of persons and objects facilitates the provision of services that require such security schemes, particularly in the financial service sector and social networks, where business volumes and credibility justify the use of secure personal authentication systems like BidiKey.

More can be found out about the platform on their website https://bidipass.org/ .


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