What Is Bidooh?

Bidooh is an innovative software platform that offers digital billboard advertisements. The platform provides an end-to-end solution by making digital billboard advertising very easy and highly accessible. The operation of the platform is through blockchain technology, which makes sure that all the data that is available on the platform is very accurate and transparent.

The platform’s main vision is to revolutionize the advertising industry and make it democratic for everyone. The platform is created to be very flexible, immediate, self-service and provide an open screen network that is digital to be used by media agencies and advertisers of all sizes. The Bidooh platform is generally designed for global usage in that anyone can join the network from all parts of the world.

How Bidooh Blockchain Electronic Billboard Advertising Works

Any advertiser can easily download the platform’s application, create their own advert, select the location for the advertisement, set the budget that will be incurred and then publish the advertisement on the network. The advertisement then passes through a quick approval process before it is uploaded in real time to the screen that the user selected.

Data on the advertisement display is made available immediately and in real time on the platform thus allowing users to estimate and analyze how their campaigns are performing. The open nature of the network allows media owners to add new screens or existing ones in their ownership to the platform. This allows them to earn revenues from the platform’s existing advertisements.

Bidooh Benefits

Available To Everyone

The main goal of the platform is to ensure that small and bigger advertisers can participate in the same level and ensure their advertisements reach their target audience. With no regards to the budget of the marketers, the platform can be used for the placement of advertisements all around the world at all times.Real-time, real audience data

The platform’s computer visual capability shows the number of people that saw the advertisements by use of facial analysis. This data allows marketers to make right choices when it comes to the location of their advertisements to ensure maximum impact and high degree of effectiveness. The real time data allows the marketers to budget wisely and make sure that the performance of their campaigns is regularly optimized.


The platform is built for scale. The platform is able to geographically and globally scale networks that are close to the screen and effectively resize them even as demand increases.

Bidooh DOOH Token & ICO Details

The platforms token called the DOOH token are ERC20 compliant and are issued during the platforms Initial Coin Offering. Each DOOH token is a representation of an advertisement space for ten seconds. The token gives advertisers, network owners and media agencies an opportunity to purchase and trade advertisement space with other users in real-time on the platform when it is live.

Users can also get rewards in terms of the DOOH tokens for reviewing, vetting the advertisement’s quality as displayed by the network and for seeing, and engaging in the advertisements through the platform's application. Freelancers also earn tokens through their graphics, copywriting, and translation work.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: DOOH
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, BIT, LITECOIN
  • Total token supply: 126,000,000,000
  • ICO hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • ICO soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

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