Bifix, found online at, claims to be “a reliable invest package”. Bad grammar aside, the website has plenty of red flags telling us it’s a blatant investment scam. Here’s our review.

What Is Bifix?

Bifix is some type of bitcoin investment scam that promises to offer a number of different investment plans. These investment plans advertise ridiculously high returns: the company promises to pay you 5% to 9% per day in exchange for a minimum investment of $10 to $300.

Obviously, when a company advertises returns as high as this, it’s a guarantee that you’re being scammed. Nobody is willing to pay you 1500% per year to borrow your money. There are no guaranteed investments that pay returns like this – whether you’re looking at the cryptocurrency industry or other industries.

Bifix is a blatant bitcoin scam. But let’s take a closer look at how the company operates.

How Does Bifix Work?

Bifix promises to provide quick income with returns of 5% to 9% per day guaranteed. That means you can turn a small investment into hundreds of thousands of dollars with no risk, hard work, skills, or experience required.

What’s the secret behind Bifix’s dramatic moneymaking formula? The company claims that its “business model is proven with mathematical accuracy which provides the most different options of change of the cryptocurrencies market development.” Yes, that’s the word-for-word explanation on the official website.

Aside from that horribly-worded statement, we have no information about how the company makes money. When a company claims to make 5% to 9% per day from investments, but refuses to tell you how it makes money, that’s not a good thing.

Ultimately, Bifix seems similar to other bitcoin scams on the internet today: the company lures you in with promises of enormous investment returns. The company collects deposits from investors until it shuts down. Then, it disappears from the internet with everyone’s money, and investors are left with out.

Who’s Behind Bifix?

Obviously, bitcoin investment scams don’t like to reveal their names or backgrounds online. Bifix refuses to disclose much information about itself.

Like other bitcoin scams on the internet today, Bifix has taken the time to register itself as a corporation in the UK. The company number is 10916747. They’ve listed an address in London as their office – although we can find no proof to suggest the company is actually located at that address.

The company was incorporated on August 15, 2017 by a 39 year old British man named Aron Daniels.

Aside from that, we have no information about Bifix or who’s running the scheme.

Bifix Conclusion

Bifix is a bitcoin pyramid scheme that advertises itself as a high-interest investment opportunity. The company promises to pay you 5% to 9% per day, every day, guaranteed. Nobody is going to pay you interest like that to borrow your money. Even if someone had created an investment platform that generated returns of 1,000%+ per year, they wouldn’t share it with the world.

Ultimately, there are so many red flags surrounding Bifix that we lost count. The company refuses to give out any information about itself, its team, or its location. We have no proof that the company is earning any money – aside from new memberships. And nobody has been able to successfully withdraw money from the platform.

For all of these reasons, Bifix is a bitcoin investment scam that you should absolutely avoid.

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