Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) Acquires BTC Payment Company, Netcoins

On the 27th of May 2019, BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain development company, in a statement announced that they had entered a definitive share purchase agreement with Netcoins Holding Inc., a firm that provides software to better facilitate the purchase and sale of bitcoin for end-users.

The agreement involves BIG acquiring all the shares of Netcoins subsidiaries:

  • Netcoins Inc.
  • NTC Holdings Corp.
  • NTC Holdings USA Corp.

all collectively called ‘Netcoins'.


Netcoins, a Vancouver based company, provides brokerage services to cryptocurrency investors and traders for ease of digital currency transactions.

In 2018, it had a crypto transaction volume of worth over CAD $58 million. At the moment Netcoins enables crypto transactions through over 171,000 global retail locations, a cryptocurrency purchase portal and an institutional OTC trading platform.

Through its partnership with BitGo Trust, the biggest processor of blockchain BTC transactions, Netcoins is also set to provide institutional cryptocurrency custody to the Canadian crypto market with the launch of its Netcoins Custody Software.

Anti Money Laundering (AML)

With BIG’s aim to bring cryptocurrency mainstream, it will be a consolidated company with a focus on compliance, trading, and regulation. This “compliance first” strategy of BIG will put them ahead of other companies who have either poor Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance or none at all.

The Executive Chairman of BIG, Shone Ansley stated:

“BIG’s sophisticated AML compliance and reporting suite will give the Netcoins’ transactional product offerings a marketplace edge while allowing our software and services to be marketed by Netcoin’s highly experienced team via their existing sales channels.”

Netcoins OTC trading platform will be improved by the integration with BIG’s BitRank Verified product service and sophisticated crypto reporting tech.

Custody is a key factor in institutional acceptance and global adoption, BIG with this consolidation will be capable of providing custody solutions in its forensic division, for the banking and law enforcement sectors.

Potential Target Market

The vast variety of exchanges in which Netcoins already have existing relationships with will be the target market for the global adoption of BitRank.

BIG’S CEO, Lance Morginn Said :

“The Netcoins acquisition is a natural fit for us. Our clients will have a need for OTC trading, and both Netcoins and its clients can benefit from the compliance and analytics services BIG provides. Mark’s team, with their strong relationships and understanding of the crypto market, will open up new markets to BIG. We are looking forward to integrating, and working alongside this new team.”

Agreement Completion

On the completion of the agreement, both BIG and Netcoins will have significant depth as well as strength on an engineering level, sales, and marketing.

Also, after BIG acquires all Netcoins issued and outstanding shares when the transaction is closed, BIG will issue a total of 37,500,000 common shares to Netcoins at $0.08 per Payment Share. Netcoins plans on distributing these shares on a pro-rata basis to its shareholders.

The completion of the agreement is still subject to obtaining of certain approvals, including that of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) as well as approval from Netcoins shareholders.

Mark Binns Accolades

The company will be led by Mark Binns, the CEO of Netcoins. This is due to his large portfolio in the tech industry, some of which Include:

  • Two decades of experience in building and development of SaaS based companies
  • Acadia University graduate of the Computer science Honors program.
  • Dean's Honours graduate of the Ivey MBA program.
  • Led companies into the PROFIT HOT 50 and PROFIT HOT 100 lists.
  • A nomination by the Dean of the Richard ivey School of Business for the Canada's “Top 40 under 40” award.

Due Diligence Review

BIG has engaged PI Financial Corp. to give a financial view in terms of the fairness of the consideration to be paid by BIG in the transaction. They will be receiving a total payment of $75,000 as well as an aggregate 312,500 compensation option which will enable PI to acquire one share at $0.08 on the closing of the transaction.

Furthermore, BIG has entered a finder's fee agreement with Hillcrest Merchant Partners Inc, which pays Hillcrest a sum of $90,000 on completion of the transaction.

The agreement is set to be closed on or around the 8th of July, 2019.

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