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One fact that is often ignored on the internet is that many High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) are scams. It is impossible to calculate the percentage of scams because they keep appearing and disappearing, but it is sure that there is an increasingly big number of them, so any investor has to protect itself if he wants to achieve the best results when he is investing in HYIPs.

The only defense that you have against scams is knowledge. With knowledge, you will be able to differentiate good investments from the bad ones in no time. Because of this, you need partners that will help you to be informed. Our blog can be one of them. We review many cryptocurrency and blockchain investments here. Today, our subject is a new and popular company called

Our review about is still incomplete, unfortunately. We still need some time investing to be sure that this site will pay, so be aware that you will have to wait for a few days before you can read our full review about this company. If you do not want to wait, we also have a solution for you: browse our blog for excellent advice about investment and much more interesting news.

Is Paying?

We still lack some data to prove whether is paying or not, so you should wait for our final review before you take any kind of action by yourself. Beware of companies that do not pay their investors or that have many barriers to receive your payment back, because they might be scams. Remember that safety is essential for an investor if he wants to grow in the financial market. Risky?

Using can be risky for you. While we do not establish that this is a safe company, treat it as extremely risky and you will be fine. Always avoid companies that promise incredible returns on investment, because they might be lying and this company offers a huge one. Because of this, avoid investing in this company until we tell you otherwise or you might be scammed. Investment Plans offers for its investors registered on their site many options for investment:

  • 130% after a day;
  • 600% after 5 days;
  • 1300% after 10 days;
  • 2150% after 15 days;
  • 3000% after 30 days;
  • 4100% after 60 days. Conclusion

We do not vouch for and we advise you to ignore this company for now and possibly forever. This is a very fishy company with miraculous offers and no proof of some real returns on investment. Because of this, you might be wise if you ignore this company and look for other investments on our blog instead. There are many less suspicious HYIPs and ICOs that you can use.

We hope that all of your investments will be fruitful and that will have a huge return on investment in the end.

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