Big Data Block (BDB) Review

Big Data Block is a new cryptocurrency created to make the use of Big Data and computational analysis of this data easier and more secure and cheaper for everyone. Even before blockchain was famous, Big Data already was and it is becoming increasingly important to the economy and the society.

If you don’t know what “Big Data” means, we’ll explain. This is a term used to large scales of data that are so big that software that normally would be used to evaluate it would simply be useless. Because of this, this data remains hidden from people most of the time, as it is hard to visualize it and to use it properly.

Because of this, it is so important to make the Big Data more accessible to people so they can use it, as there is a lot of information that could be used but it is currently inaccessible for people in the world.

What Is Big Data Block?

Big Data Block is a company compromised with changing how we use and process Big Data. The company uses open source software to connect a large network of computers in a decentralized way to compute Big Data and process it.

The company understands that blockchain and big data “need” each other because only large organizations can use big data in an effective way today, but the decentralization and the small costs of the blockchain can be a solution to give people cheaper means to doing so.

The Big Data Block was created to remove all these obstacles because if you use blockchain technology you can divide the burden of computing all this data by thousands of computers and the task will be considerably simpler than it would be otherwise.

Companies are realizing that they can benefit from using this data, so there is a market to use this data that is growing recently and this is where Big Data Block enters with its power to use the blockchain to get better results computing data.

How Does Big Data Block (DBD) Work?

Big Data Block uses the BDB tokens, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used as a currency in the platform. You buy the tokens that are paid for the people who lend their computing power to you. Ethereum is a good choice because it is auditable and has metadata and smart contracts.

Tokens can be a way to reward the people for their computing power at the same time that you pay for the service and they can be bought by a cheap price during sales and will be considerably more valuable after some time when the company gets more profitable.

The Big Data Block (DBD) Token Sale

The sale of DBD tokens will happen in July. Each token will be sold by $0.50 USD but there may be discounts that will be announced when the sale is nearer. 57 million tokens will be sold during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 57% of the total. 25% of the DBD tokens will go founders and advisors and the rest will be used as bonuses, bounties and reserves.

The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH.

The Big Data Block (DBD) Conclusion

Big Data will be very important in the future, so understand this company as a very long term investment. If you buy the tokens right now and keep them, there is a good chance that they might be considerably more valuable in the future as the world starts to use Big Data more and needs the services that will be offered by this company.


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