Bigbom BBO ICO Review

Bigbom is a decentralized advertising ecosystem built on blockchain technologies like smart contracts. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Bigbom?

Bigbom, found online at, is a decentralized advertising ecosystem that aims to use smart contracts to solve crucial problems in today’s advertising industry.

Today’s advertising industry faces problems like a lack of trust between partners. An excessive number of middlemen also lead to higher costs and friction in the advertising industry. It’s difficult for advertisers to interact directly with publishers.

Bigbom Eco believes it can solve these problems with a blockchain-based ecosystem – including Bigbom Eco and its BBO token.

Bigbom Eco was created by the same team that created Adtop, a Vietnam-based advertising agency that created an automated advertising solution for Facebook Ads.

How Does Bigbom Eco Work?

Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized app. The ecosystem revolves around the use of BBO tokens. Buyers and sellers interact using BBO tokens and smart contracts.

The Bigbom Eco smart contracts hold money in escrow. Before the money is transferred from the advertiser to the publisher, the smart contract will check whether certain conditions have been met.

To check these conditions, Bigbom Eco will read advertising reports using APIs. The system will check the results of the advertising campaign, then match them with the conditions outlined in the smart contract. If the campaign was completed according to the terms of the contract, then BBO tokens will be released to the publisher to complete the transaction.

The first version of Bigbom Eco launched in September 2017. The platform is catered towards Facebook Ads. A second version of Bigbom Eco is scheduled to launch before the end of Q2 2018. Google and Twitter ad integration is expected to take place in Q2 2019.

Here’s the basic process you can use to buy or sell advertising on the Bigbom Eco platform:

Step 1

Once a smart contract between an advertiser and publisher is signed, Bigbom Eco will secure the necessary BBO tokens from the buyer to activate the smart contract; any transaction transferred to Bigbom Eco without a smart contract on the platform will be refunded

Step 2

Bigbom Eco will automatically notify the publisher to begin implementing the advertising according to the terms of the smart contract

Step 3

The publisher will provide the services as indicated in the smart contract; advertising reports are sent to Bigbom Eco via an API, and Bigbom Eco posts the results to the public blockchain in an encrypted format

Step 4

The report is sent to the buyer automatically; buyers can decrypt the report with their individual key to read it as plain text; this means transaction data is publicly viewable on the blockchain for anyone to confirm, but only readable by the two transacting parties

Step 5

Bigbom Eco will automatically evaluate each transaction by comparing the original smart contract terms to the actual results; the advertiser can rate the advertiser in order to receive a certain number of BBO tokens from a bonus fund

Step 6

BBO tokens are released to the publisher or refunded to the advertiser, depending on whether or not the terms of the agreement were met

Transactions occur in the Bigbom Eco marketplace, which is an online marketplace where advertisers and publishers can interact directly with one another.

Features of Bigbom BBO

Bigbom Eco’s key features include all of the following:

  • Smart Contract: Bigbom Eco will create a smart contract based on the parties’ agreements on requirements and price.
  • Marketplace: All sellers are listed on the Bigbom Eco marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to easily interact with each other.
  • Optimized Ad Campaigns: Bigbom Eco claims to optimize ad campaigns automatically. The whitepaper mentions features like key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, automatic budget allocations, and A/B split testing, among others.
  • Cheap Transactions: Bigbom Eco will reduce transaction costs by 98% over traditional ad platforms.
  • Fast Transactions: Bigbom Eco can process transactions in as little as 30 seconds.

The Bigbom BBO ICO Token Sale

The Bigbom Eco token sale is taking place in March 2018. The company is creating a total supply of 2 billion BBO tokens. Tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 ETH = 20,000 BBO tokens.

Of the total supply of tokens, 300 million are allocated for the pre-ICO and ICO, with an additional 600 million reserved for a post-ICO sale, and 100 million for a private sale.

BBO tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The remaining 1 billion tokens are set aside for a company reserve fund (25%), advisors and contributors (10%), and bounties and marketing (15%).

The token sale’s exact dates have not yet been revealed. The website mentions that the ICO will start in March 2018 and will conclude in April 2018.

Who’s Behind Bigbom BBO?

Bigbom Eco is led by Vung Nguyen (founder and CEO), a Vietnam-based entrepreneur who previously founded (and served as CEO of) a company called Adtop. That company developed an advertising automation service for Facebook and other ad platforms.

Other listed members of the team include Co Le Quoc Tuan (CTO and co-founder), an experienced engineer with 10+ years of tech industry experience, including work at companies like Skylab Innogram, Lazada Group, and VNG.

Two other co-founders are listed online, including Thanh Quoc Hung Nguyen and Hoang Anh.

The company lists partners like Facebook, Haravan, Zalo Business, Digital Ocean, and Adtop. Several members of the executive team came from the founder’s previous venture, Adtop.

Most Bigbom Eco team members are based in Vietnam. However, the company is officially registered in Singapore.

Bigbom BBO ICO Conclusion

Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising ecosystem created by a team that has previously created automated advertising solutions for Facebook Ads and other platforms. The company is seeking to raise money during an ICO for its BBO tokens in March and April 2018.

To learn more about the project and how it plans to disrupt the global advertising industry, visit online today at

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