Billion Funds

It is interesting that upon querying Google about ‘,’ most of the search results seem to point to the same thing – whether this company is a scam or not. Sure, it has a sleek looking website complete with everything that makes it real and legitimate. But it is the search results that show the number of skeptics wary of engaging this company in any sort of business.

Who Is

Billion Funds presents itself as a multi-currency investment destination with a focus on the forex and cryptocurrency industries. It claims to offer investors unique fixed brokerage packages centered on lasting a short period, but can produce high profits. In fact, it is their ‘About’ page that tries to portray this company as a legitimately registered investments company from the United Kingdom.

The About page of doesn’t look anything like a genuine, investments oriented company. The ‘BILLION GROUP LTD,’ as it introduces itself, is said to be at ‘2 ST. DAVIDS SQUARE LONDON’ in the UK, fully registered with its registration number №09978619.

Still, it claims to combine different successful business directions, including a focus on the currency markets, the stock exchange, cryptocurrencies and interests in record-making Fintech start-ups. And it is continuously expanding, owing to its purported marketing strategy and break-even trading.

About Billion Funds

From its About page, this company packages itself as a real firm tailored to offer returns to the current crop of individuals hoping to make a kill off cryptocurrencies and other investments. It goes ahead to include a photo of its registration certificate (no other company does such). But it fails terribly as it doesn’t shed light on how it generates profits, what class of Forex it engages in and other questions.

Billion Funds can be best described as an investments platform where investors deposit money for fixed ROIs. Investors engage in no trading and will only sit and wait as their investments mature before they withdraw their returns. It targets the lazy, ill-informed and unsuspecting populations who have the cash to deposit and wait for it to yield profits from ‘God knows where.’

Upon engaging the company’ support staff, they gladly respond that the professional traders command excellent acumen in a variety of industries, including stocks, oil, and real estate. Of course, these assertions are unverifiable since they don’t mention it on their site, nor offer any proof of the same. All they say is, “We are good at making money.”

Billion Funds Features, Plans, And Promises

At the time of reviewing, it had 14 different Investment Plans that range from hour-long investments to those that last for 30 days. The profits are genuinely enticing, mainly because the investor just deposits the cash and waits for 60 minutes before getting a huge return. Surprisingly, profit margins start from 100% before increasing to as much as 175%.

Billion Funds Conclusion

Currently, there’s no form of complaint regarding this company, maybe because it hasn’t amassed a sizable following. Again, perhaps it is still acting like any Ponzi scheme whereby upon getting a decent income, it will start what Pyramid Schemes do best.

But it is clear isn’t legit or worthy to invest in. Its real location is a secret they only know themselves. Again, the mere act of displaying the alleged registration certificate makes it fake since no company goes to such lengths to prove its authenticity. Further research shows that its registration was revoked and so, to be safe, let’s presume it’s a Scam – unless they prove otherwise.

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

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