What is Billpoker?

BillPoker is a new cryptobased gaming system. The Pre-Sale ICO started just recently on the 27th of November and offered a 90% discount.

How Does Billpoker Work?

The company is designed to help you make money by being paid out on a regular basis. The main purpose of Billpoker, like other cryptocurrency based companies is to help you make profit.

  • Make Profit – At the end of each month, 50% of all income is paid out to users in the form of dividends. The pre-ICO Tokens can be purchased right now at with a 90% discounted rate.
  • Multi-Platform – Their poker room also has a mobile application and can be used on windows, mac and Facebook.
  • Growing Market – The reason they started the company is because the online gambling market has more than doubled in the last ten years. Also, cryptocurrency is possibly the largest growing industry in the world.
  • Instant Payouts – Payouts are immediately sent back to a player’s digital wallet once they leave the game. That means zero wait time for any money you make.
  • Decentralization – The platform will use a peer-2-peer based technology that means there is no need to deposit money on a central server of any kind.
  • Safety – The platform is based on Blockchain technology that trust players by way generating completely random numbers for each player.

Poker rooms will take commissions for the house. The cash game pots will be taken by the house which will be anywhere from 1-5%. The number is completely dependent on the number of stakes played. Also rake will also be taken from each tournament played.

It is a casino based platform, meaning that players will play against the house. The house typically has an advantage depending on what game is being played. This is said to create a steady income and high profits. Players can also take place in sports betting against the house.

The odds are calculated in several ways, depending on if the betting provider has the edge on a specific bet. The system will be launched on the first quarter of 2018. They currently have the development of their poker rooms in the late stage of development. After that, casino apps are to be created.

What is the ICO of Billpoker?

The pre-sale ICO with 90% discount will end in just 21 days. As of now the starting ICO is 1 BPT (Bill Poker Token) equals 0.0001 ETH and the ICO priceis 1 BPT equals 0.001 ETH. As of now they are in the first stage of sales and have raised $206,319 so far in investments. They are still a long way off from the 70m BPT ICO Hard Cap Final Goal they have. The base purposes of BillPoker as follows:

Who is Behind BillPoker?

The team is made up of several people from around the world, each with different skills and talents. They are as follows:

  • Viktor Yevdokimov – This is the founder, CEO and backend developer of the platform. He is said to be an expert in his fields.
  • Eugene Vasilyev – He is another founder and the platforms lead engineer.
  • Daniel Frolov – He is the chief programmer.
  • Peter Nezvorov – The companies lead graphic designer.
  • Robert Zhirov – The legal advisor for the company.
  • Seraphim Efimov – The staff accountant and numbers counter.

Billpoker Conclusion

For those people who are into gaming, BillPoker is a great site to keep an eye on. Also, anyone in the cryptocurrency space would do well to pay attention to the company and their launch date as well.

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