Bills Project

Bills Project is a revolutionary technology, which will allow anyone to place an ad on an outdoor billboard anywhere in the world. This will all be possible in just a few minutes, without ever having to leave the office.

The aim of the project is to provide an easy means of placing advertisements and to pay for the ads from any location in the world. This project will ensure that the placement of an ad is guaranteed as long as it complies with the laws of the region in which it is published.

To ensure transparency, everything in the Bills Project will remain open, which includes all the details of the smart contract and the source code. In fact, they have placed a link on their site to the source code, which is written in Solidity.

How Bills Project Works

In order to have an ad placed on one of the billboards that will be installed, the advertiser pays a certain amount of BLS tokens. To rent a billboard, you will have to pick a location where you want your ad placed from a list on the site that shows locations of billboards.

You will then have to purchase the required amount of tokens and send the advertisement materials to a smart contract. After that, the company will guarantee that your advertisement is going to be placed on the billboard for the prepaid period. The accuracy of this projection is within a few seconds.

Bills Blockchain Billboard Ad Placement Project Regulation Of Content

All the content that is published will be regulated. If the content is not compliant with the laws of the country, the content will not be published. However, any tokens that the owner of the ad had paid will be refunded to him or her.

The moderator will need some time to process and confirm the kind of ad content you send him or her. After the processing, the advertiser will receive compensation for any time lost during the process.

Bills Project Warranty Terms

According to the terms of the smart contract, if an ad is already on the billboard, a new one can only be placed after the current one expires. The maximum amount of time that an ad can be allocated as well as the cost of an ad in BLS tokens will be established for each billboard.

The creators of this project do not have the technical capabilities to alter any data that an advertiser gives them. Additionally, the creators of this project will not be responsible for the issuance and selling of tokens to advertisers. Such operations are automated on the smart contract. As a result, it will ensure that all tokens are charged directly to advertisers, which will exclude the risk of human error. In fact, the team behind this project has no technical capacity to meddle in such operations.

Bills BLS ICO Details

You can purchase BLS tokens from Bills now. As soon as you send ETH to the contract account, the tokens are sent to you immediately. The token sale for this project is already live. It is going to end in about 24 days.

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