Binance Launches Binance Academy Initiative

Binance, the famous cryptocurrency exchange, has recently launched a new initiative to help people to learn more about the crypto world and how it works: The Binance Academy Initiative. The objective of the platform is to allow users to use accurate, neutral and entirely free information about the cryptocurrency market.

You Can Be A Part Of The Binance Academy

You will be able to submit your own content on the platform if you want to be a part of it. You can create a team of up to four people to participate and each team can cover only a single topic. Every topic will have only 4 pre-approved teams on it and the company will check the progress of each team at any time. You have one week to register.

Each video has to be less than 5 minutes, so use your skills to create something informative and unique. The entries will be reviewed based on the criteria outlined by the company, so you have to follow it if you want to be approved. The rights of the video will belong to Binance.

The Binance Academy Themes

The company has decided for three different themes. The Theme 1 is “Blockchain Fundamentals”, which involved explaining what is blockchain, how it works, how it was created, how mining is made and the pros and cons of using it.

The Theme 2 is “Coins, Tokens and Utility”. It has to explain about Binance Coin, the Binance Ecosystem, explain what is Bitcoin and Ethereum and the difference between tokens and coins.

Finally, the Theme 3 is “Security”. The videos of this theme have to explain about account security, how online and offline wallets work, how to keep your private keys safe and explain ways that you avoid phishing and identify scammers.

Binance Academy Criteria And Rewards

The videos have to be accurate, fluent (easy to understand) and have a professional presentation to be accepted by the company. They must be presented in proper English, engage the viewer and the information has to be presented in a way that you can easily understand it.

Each team will be awarded with BNB tokens for their videos (a maximum of 200 BNB per topic).

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  1. Awesome! great news, there’s definetely a shortage of online education. But the problem is not with the lack of education but with the lack of people wanting education. People only want MAD GAINZ not knowledge, I guess ill add binance academy to my list of daily reads besides reddit and bitdegree tutorials :)


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