Binance Has Completed YOYO Mainnet Swap

Binance just officially announced that they have completed YOYOW (YOYO) mainnet swap.

Deposits and withdrawals of YOYO which was suspended from 2018/08/08 4:00 AM (UTC) are now open. During the time of suspension, user’s ERC20 YOYO stored on Binance as automatically converted into the mainnet YOYO.

YOYOW, named from “You Own Your Own Words”, is a blockchain-based network aiming to quantify participants’ contribution and give reciprocal value to participants in the content producing sector with decentralized consensus methods so that content producers, content supporters, curators, and consumers of the content ecosystem can be provided with incentives and reciprocal returns as appropriate.

As a content value public blockchain, YOYOW, allows developers to access and implement high performance blockchain with minimum cost, so that they can concentrate on building on the application layer, enable mass adoption for blockchain applications.

With the many constantly improving iterations of the product, has turned from just being a token nae to gradually becoming a token with features which has real world applications. The new mainet swap will allow users to experience and participate in the YOYOW ecosystem in a smoother and more secure manner.

AEX has completed the swap to the YOYOW mainnet for several months with no problems. At the same time, YOYOW has passed professional security testing and evaluations.The processing on YOYOW mainnet is fast, free (using credits), and has advantages over the Ethereum network.

Notably, YOYOW will jointly host the “Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of YOYOW Mainnet Launch” event with Binance. The YOYOW Mainnet was launched on September 6, 2017.

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