Binance Crypto Exchange to Support EOS Airdrops: IQ, DAC, and EON

The world's best cryptocurrency exchange for altcoins is at it again with the recent EOS Mainnet Launch, Binance has made an official announcement that they will honor and support #EOS airdrops for DAC, EON and IQ. The EOS coin holders have been eagerly awaiting free airdrops from the mainnet activation launch and it is finally here. But many have left to wonder who will support them and how do they actually receive the airdrops.

The crypto communities has a clearer picture after an announcement by: Binance cryptocurrency Exchange to support EOS Airdops.

The EOS Airdrops that Binance will support is: IQ, DAC and EON. The question on whether Binace would support future airdrops has been a lingering question among social media channels.

While Binance does say they will support the Airdrops, it is up to the companies themselves to get in contact with the team in order to plan out distributions.

“If Binance does not receive any correspondence and/or the project teams refuse to transfer the corresponding airdrop amounts to Binance (for distribution to our users), the airdrops will not be supported by default.”

You can see the official announcement here. Back on March 12, 2018 Binance did make a public statement regarding the fact they would support the EOS Mainnet token swap and that day has finally arrived. Now that the first three airdrop coins are here, we wonder when the rest of the EOS Airdrops will be announced and ready to roll.

What do you think about Binance honoring and following through with the EOS airdrops?

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