One of the benefits to EOS holders is a vast number of Airdrops that will be given out to those that held tokens before the mainnet swap. But many users assumed they would need to hold their tokens in a wallet off of an exchange in order to be qualified.

The top ranked cryptocurrency exchange, Binance eased users fears by announcing they would a support EOS airdrops for IQ, DAC, and EON earlier this month. They have already distributed the EON tokens into users accounts as well.

But Binance made it clear that each project would need to reach out to the exchange in order to setup the airdrop details. It seems that other teams have reached out to the exchange. Teams from ADD and MEETONE must have done so, as their tokens were just distributed to users with a 2:1 ratio. (Ex: 2 EOS = 1 ADD / MEETONE)

Not only did Binance distribute tokens to users that held EOS during the snapshot, but they have also updated their stance on Airdrops and Forked Coins as well. They said they will do their best to provide support for any projects, but the teams need to reach out to Binance directly to set up the details.

While some projects may have read that and got their hopes up with a free listing on the top ranked exchange, Binance explained that they will would only drop the tokens into users accounts. It does not mean they will necessarily be available for trading. Teams will still need to go through the vetting process in order to be opened up for trading.

In more exciting news, Binance sent out this about an hour ago:

Binance Opens EOS Deposits and Withdrawals After A Long Awaited Halt

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