The most used platform in all of cryptocurrency exchanges is Binance – so getting your coin/crypto-asset listed there is a pretty big deal if you want more trading volume and interested investors and users to have direct access to your project and tokens.

And now that has become a reality for SingularityNET (AGI Token) who just got a big boost by being included in Binance's cryptocurrency trading exchange platform today.

There will be three immediate trading pairs available, effectively immediately June 5, 2018 at 8AM EST.


The blockchain protocol behind SingularityNET was created to be an AI-as-a-service to help bring the market to the whole world. The artificial intelligence as a service that operates on a permissionless platform so anyone can use the A.I. platform with easier use and understanding.

The AGI Coin is what powers the SingularityNET decentralized economy and was setup to help be a solution to the ‘Assignment of Credit Problem'. The AGI Token (Artificial General Intelligence) by SingularityNET is what will help bring this AI agent to the market and getting listed on Binance is a big deal as how many more traders and investors have the ability to trade its coin for the first time.

Update: Now Binance has postponed the listing of AGI coin due to insufficient amounts deposited onto the platform and will resume with SingularityNET listing on June 5th at 10:AM UTC – this happened just 50 minutes after they listed it and made the announcement.

As you can see today, the AGI token is priced at $0.21 (and up 20% so far likely due to the Binance listing) and could be one of those coins that sees a tremendous spike known as the ‘Binance Effect' as almost every asset that gets listed for trading sees a huge surge of interest, price and usership…only to see it usually settle back down in the ranges it was prior to the announcement and active trading ability.


What do you guys think of SingularityNET getting listed on Binance so the AGI Token can now be traded with BNB, BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies?

Take a look at what happened recently when Binance pre-maturely included Quarkchain just yesterday and things all went haywire as they had to stop/pause the inclusion of the coin and figure out the problems with the supply and logistics of the token.

Binance Labs Team to Organize a Reddit AMA June 6, 5-8pm Eastern

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